My Lady Jane – Review

Can anyone even say anything negative about this dime of a novel? And if not, why am I even writing a review? Anyways, here are my thoughts on the novel My Lady Jane, written by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. 

9781406372021My Lady Jane is “the not entirely true story” of how Lady Jane Grey was queen for nine days and then hanged. In this story, the authors simply bend the truth a bit, to make it more exciting and to change the story for the better. In this England, the country is devided by Edians and Verities, in which Edians are able to transform themselves into animals while Verities despite this gift and persecute them. The current king, Edward, is suffering from the “Affliction” at only sixteen years old and with no male heir to the thron. Therefore, he forces his beloved cousin Jane to marry a duke whos father is the king’s adviser and the idea giver to this whole situation. So Jane marries this duke called Gifford, all nice and good, but nobody told her that during the day, her husband is a HORSE. Soon after, Jane finds herself in the middle of intrigues and with a crown on her head – but not all people think she’s the rightful heir….

First of all, this book couldn’t be any funnier because: Jane is an emancipated woman for her time, she reads, is smart and not afraid to state her opinion and that causes some hilarious scenes. Secondly, she married a HORSE. That causes a lot of funny scenes full of fighting, horse-rules and eating apples. Furthermore, Queen Mum is hilarious. Seriously, I love her.

Secondly, the plot is absolutely amazing. The idea with people turning into animals is fantastic and is perfectly combined with events really occurring in our history. I loved the fact that this book was written from three point of views to be able to see Gifford’s and Jane’s relationship  from different angles, but also to be able to look into Edward’s mind.

I loved all of the characters: Jane was just everything, with her books, her smartie-ass comments and her sense of humor. Gifford was absolutely the perfect husband, but also had a great sense of humor and therefore the two of them made the most perfect couple to have ever fought on this planet. And Edward, oh Edward. You are the funniest of them all.

All in all, this book is full of surprises, suspense, laughter, romance and that all packed into our history – how it should have happened. Now again, the English language is not capable to express how great, fantastic, incredible, terrific, phenomenal and stupendous this novel is.

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