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I was enchanted when The Cruel Prince first came out, astonished after reading The Wicked King and totally blown away after The Queen of Nothing. This tag was first created after the second book came out, but is now renewed as the complete series is out for everyone to devour! I’ll link my first book tag here, and without further ado, let’s go!


  1. You must tag the original creator (Xandra @ Starry Sky Books)
  2. You should probably read The Cruel Prince first! (You don’t have tobut that would be nice.)
  3. Answer the questions as best as possible. (You can skip or omit a question if you can’t think of an answer!)
  4. Try to tag at least 3 other bloggers.

Jude: a character that could kill you in your sleep.

I’ll go with Celaena in Throne of Glass because, well yes, she’s an assassin. And while Jude would also be the (quite obvious) perfect choice, Celaena might be just a tiny bit deadlier.


Cardan: a character who seems like a bad guy, but is more complex than you thought.

Let’s go with Annabel from Silver – when I first read the series, I couldn’t make up my mind. Is she bad or good, who’s the actual villain here? And that feeling of chaos and not knowing was so thrilling, I wasn’t able to lay down the book!


Locke: a plot twist that made you want to throw the book.

It’s not really a plot twist, but the ending of Truly Devious literally made me want to throw the book away (fear not, I didn’t. I don’t throw my books.) I should have, though. That was the most unsatisfying ending in the history of endings: Stevie discovers the murderer, however decides not to share it with the reader, but to run outside and take a look at the landing helicopter which, surprise, adds another twist.

bookish posts-27.png

Taryn: a character who deceived you.

Maven in the Red Queen series messed with my head. I did not see that twist coming (won’t spoil for that matter) and he will therefore remain one of my favorite characters ever!


Vivi: a book that was significantly different from the others in its series.

The one book that comes to my mind is The Case for Jamie in Brittany Cavallaro’s Charlotte Holmes series. While I absolutely loved the first two books and the finale A Question of Holmes was also a success in my pov, I just could not enjoy book three. Jamie and Charlotte spend most of the book searching for each other, or rather avoiding any encounters and the rest of the story wasn’t thrilling either.


Valerian: a character who should get stabbed out of the plot.

That’s harsh. I wouldn’t want that. But Adam in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle is annoying me on a whole different level and I just wish he was never written into the book.


Oak: a smaller character you would protect at all costs.

I’m going to go and say small Jane and Skye in The Penderwicks. They are simply fantastic, two fabulous ten year olds who can make your whole day. I love them endlessly and kind of wish they never grew up.


Madoc: a relentless character who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Queen Levana in The Lunar Chronicles is perhaps one of the most fitting characters. She’s evil, merciless, sacrifices her staff just to prove a point – yes, that fits.


Serpent: a mysterious character or book you know nothing about.

A mysterious book I know nothing about for me would be any play of Shakespeares’. I have no idea what his work looks like and I would really love to get to know it (that’s why I’m wishing for Hamlet this Christmas!).


The Cruel Prince: a book that surprised you with a good twist.

Six of Crows never failed to surprise me, it’s one of my all-time favorites, so I’ll go with that!


The Wicked King: a sequel you thought was better (or worse) than the first in the series.

My Plain Jane was by far the most disappointing read after My Lady Jane, which I adored. It had not as many jokes, no great plot and just okay characters. After laughing for hours and loving Jane and Gifford, that was no match at all!


The Queen of Nothing: A series with one or more characters who change a lot over time.

I’m going to go with The Folk of the Air because the intrigues, drama and character change was immense here, but positive!

That’s it – I tag everyone who loved this series! Enjoy!

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