Red Queen Series – Review

This series by Victoria Aveyard is one of my favorite series ever and since I read it before starting this blog (except for War Storm), I haven’t actually wrote a whole review yet!

About the series:

In a world where the people are divided into two groups, the silvers with great powers and wealth and the red, the ordinary people without any magical powers, Mare Barrow must survive. As she starts working at the palace of Norta’s capital as a red servant, she accidentally discovers that she has a power: she can summon lightning. The royal family then claims she is a long lost silver royal an engages her to the younger prince, Maven, to prevent any rebellions. But a rebellion can’t be prevented: the scarlet guard is on the rise and wants no other than Mare Barrow to join them. Torn between the two princes, Cal and Maven, and a rebellion to save the country from oppression and hunger, Mare must survive political intrigues, question loyalties and lead the long awaited rebellion to save her country…

Why did I love this series?

Firstly, I absolutely loved the plot. Everything I love has been combined and this awesome series results. I love reading about politics and rebellions and this series really is full of governing and ruling, allies and enemies and false loyalties.

Secondly, the characters were a blast. I love Mare Barrow, the normal, average red girl who becomes this fierce warrior and the lightning girl and who must not only face a rebellion, but who also doubts her own abilities and is torn between two princes. I will not spoil too much about Cal and Maven, but I can just say: I did not see it coming. The two princes are both equally genius and incredible personalities and I have come to love them both, in their own ways. The series is practically filled with strong, surprising characters which Aveyard uses to create suspense and also twists and surprises.

Furthermore, I am absolutely blown away by her writing. This series was one of the first ya series I read and it therefore left a huge impression on me. I love her writing style with these powerful and meaningful sentences that create an incredible atmosphere. There are several point of views, more in each book, but it didn’t bother me one bit because the characters are all interesting. I usually hate many POV, but consider this as a Six of Crows POV change and not as in Queen of Air and Darkness where nobody cared about Kit, Dru and Ty.

This series is a really complex and stunning fantasy series and for me, one of a kind. Mare, Cal and Maven are stunning personalities, no one is perfect and anyone can betray anyone. The political aspects are definitely the story’s focus, but we still get a lot feelings (no spoilers here) and intrigues and personal history.

Recommendable: Yessss!!!

This series is a hundred percent recommendable for every fan of either YA or fantasy, politics or awesome plot twists and turns. I hope you enjoyed this review and have a great day!

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