Let's Talk Bookish: stress and blogging!

It’s Friday, my bestie will sone come over and sleep at my place, we’ve planned a movie night with homemade chocolate souflées (the big upside to having a baking bestie!) and therefore I’m forced to keep this short even though stress and blogging is something very important and annoying we’ve all experienced multiple times. So here’s my favorite tag of the week, Let’s Talk Bookish, hosted by Rukky !

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WWW Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for my current reading situation! It’s been cooling down around here (temperature and stress wise haha) and that means I’ll have some more time to read in the near future. Not today, however, as I spent some time with my two best friends after school and now I’m soon meeting my aunt for dinner. Anyways, here’s my current reading situation!

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Top Ten Tuesday: the most recent additions to my bookshelf!

I’m back from my hiatus and let me just say this: we’re the best community ever! I wrote a post announcing that I’m back and why I haven’t been posting lately, and I got soooo many lovely replies! So my love goes out to all of you!!! Now onto the bookish part: here are my most recent additions to my bookshelf!

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Bye Hiatus, I'm back!

Just a little announcement, or me coming back and being active again! I haven’t been writing many blog posts lately and also haven’t read any great posts from any of my friends. The ones I’ve been posting were old ones that were prewritten as I didn’t have the energy to write new ones.

I also haven’t read a single book in 2020 (shame on me) because the past two weeks were super stressful. I had to study for multiple exams, had important presentations and were stressed every day. I didn’t have the energy to write anything after school and didn’t want to force myself when I was tired because I wanted to be my best for you guys when I wrote something. So I decided to take a small break from my blog and just focus on myself.

I did miss everything about it: the feeling of writing, of staying in touch with my friends and reading their posts, replying to comments and obviously reading.

But now I’m back, I’m ready and happy to start again and to only spread positive vibes! See you around – happy reading!

Top Ten Tuesday: bookish discoveries I made in 2019!

Happy Tuesday – I am super tired because we had our big maths exam and I had to present a pitch deck for my BEAM course. Do you know the feeling when you’re walking out of the classroom having a really great feeling, thinking you wrote a great exam and then along the way you discover more and more mistakes of yours – it stinks. Anyways, I’m happy to be back and to hopefully be more active from now on as I have no more assignments for the time being. So here are my bookish discoveries of 2019 including books, authors and anything else bookish!

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