Six of Crows

I’m deeply impressed. For a while, I haven’t read a book THIS fantastic, with its thrilling chase, extraordinary characters and a stunning plot. Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows will DEFINETELY land on my favorite-book bookshelf. This book takes place in the city of Ketterdam, in a world where slavery is forbidden but still takes place on a daily basis, where you must fight to survive and can’t be assured of your safety by your government. Seventeen year-old Kaz Brekker knows this all too well, being raised in the Barrel, fighting for his life and for revenge of his killed brother. As he is offered a deal involving 30 million kruge (their currency) if he gets a prisoner out of the most impenetrable prison EVER, the Ice Court, he gets a crew together. This prisoner is of unbelievable value to everyone as he knows the formula of jurda parem, a powder helping Grisha (people with powers such as stopping your heart or forming metal or healing you) to unbareble power… But Kaz Brekker and his crew aren’t the only ones trying to get the prisoner out as he is wanted by many many nations – some want him dead, some want him alive. Wether dead or alive, he is a great threat to the stabilization of the world, as with jurda parem the world’s economy would crash down, nations would fight each other, all of them wanting more of the addicting powder…

This book is so INCREDIBLE  due to many factors:

First of all, the characters: Kaz Brekker’s crew consists of six members, three of them original members of his gang – one of them a spy, Inej, one sharpshooter, Jesper,  and one Grisha girl, Nina,  -, then there is one former convict, Matthias, and one mercher son, Wylan. Nina and Matthias have a long history, he a Fierdan citizen hunting the Grisha. They all have different goals, some want the prisoner dead, some alive, some want money, some do it to protect their country – but they all have one thing in common: they want to get him out, no matter what happens, so they must unite their forces despite their different opinions…

Second of all, the plot: I’ve never read about a heist as thrilling as this one. Literally, no page is boring and the turning points are LEGENDARY.

Third of all, the writing: As I’ve said before in my previous blog entries, I’m not a fan of a story told from different point of views because some characters are usually boring to listen to – not with this one. War Storm and now Six of Crows are literally the only books where this hasn’t annoyed me because ALL characters are interesting, have their own struggles and pasts and serve the story in equal ways.

All in all, this book deserves FIVE STARS and has completely won me over! To everyone who is a fan of fantasy, heist, suspense or generally who is a human being, go read this book.


The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

I’ve been a MAJOR Harry Potter fan for some years now – probably nine – and so I’ve not only read the books but also loved the movies as they are such a milestone in the history of filmmaking. As I’m in London with my family on vacation, my mom decided to surprise me with the Harry Potter Tour as she is a fan as well -not as huge as I am, sorry mum 😉 .

We finished the tour in approximately two hours and are now drinking Starbucks at the cafeteria. All in all: the Tour is just WOW. It is accompanied by videos and Audioguides and has many many special effects! You can also do some activities yourself as riding a broom through London, learn how to use a wand and ride Hagrid’s motorbike.

This tour shows the complete world of Harry Potter such as a huge model of Hogwarts itself, the original Diagon Alley, , the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore’s office, the Griffendor Common Room and the Hogwarts Express!

There really isn’t anything more to describe as all you can do is experience it yourself!


Books I can read over and over again

There are some books you read which you throw in your bookshelf and never acknowledge again. Then there might be books you actually enjoyed but don’t feel the need to read again. Then, and those are the most important ones, you own books which are so brilliantly written you can read them over and over again! Here’s a list of books in my bookshelf which I can read OVRER AND OVER AGAIN:

  1. SILVER by Kerstin Gier

Silver is a series so brilliant I fell in love with it completely! There’s no thing in this book I would’ve liked differently or would’ve changed because this series has everything a bookworm desires: a great plot with a little fantasy, amazing characters, hilarious jokes , love and suspense.

There are only a few books I’ve read so far where the characters have amazed me that much as the Silver characters have because they are presented which such detail and love, everybody would fall in love with them!

Here’s the plot:

As Liv Silver moves to London with her small sister, her nanny, her dog and her mum, she isn’t excited to be at a new Highschool and things get worse for when her family moves in with her mum’s new boyfriend and his two seventeen year old twins Florence and Grayson. Wearing Grayson’s sweatshirt one night, she explores a corridor with doors while she is sleeping. Not knowing what she is doing, she falls into a mystery full of the dreams of other people, demons, a crazy girlfriend and Grayson, alongside with his friends!

Here’s the link to my blog entry – but it’s in GERMAN!!!:  Silver Blog Entry


As the book is originally written in German, I recommend it to all people speaking German to read it in German!!!

2.  THE PENDERWICKS by Jeanne Birdsall

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that the Penderwicks are my favorite books ever! The story about this family has formed me the way I am today and has always and still plays a big role in my life! I adore this series so much because these books don’t involve mysteries of any kind (like Harry Potter/ The Hunger Games/ Percy Jackson etc.) but just tell the little adventure and daily lives of the four sisters Rosalind, Skye, Jane and Batty. The most detailed sisters would be Skye and Jane which have always been my favorite because I can relate to both of them and always considered myself as a mixture of these two characters.

The Penderwicks series involves five books ( there won’t be more) which are called The Penderwicks: a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits , and a very interesting boy ; The Penderwicks on Gardam Street; The Penderwicks at Point Mouette; The Penderwicks in Spring; and The Penderwicks at Last.

The first three originals are my favorite because the main characters and in their young teens and even though Rosalind is just 12, Skye 11, Jane 10 and Batty 4; you don’t even acknowledge their youth because the older three behave like 15 or sixteen. In the following two books, the characters grow older one year each which isn’t that different from the first book. But then, in book four, the sisters grow older seven whole years and the book focuses on Batty – the youngest one – alongside with new family members which I found very sad because Jane and Skye will always be the most interesting characters. Book five wasn’t good to be honest because it focuses on a younger member of the family – Lydia – which we’ve only come to know in book four.

So: the first three books are the best, the fourth one is good as well but can’t cope with the originals and book five – I’ve stopped reading!

Here’s the link to my blog entry – but it’s in GERMAN!!!: The Penderwicks Blog Entry

Here’s the link to my blog entry The Penderwicks at Last: The Penderwicks at Last Blog Entry


3. BLACK BLADE by Jennifer Estep

Black Blade is a trilogy you can read at ANY TIME and EVERYWHERE. It’s the story of the orphan teenager Lila in a world where everyone in Cloudburst Falls has a magical power of any sort and where the city is divided in families – strong, good or evil – which rule the city. As Lila defends a boy being attacked in a store, she has no clue that he’s Devon Sinclair, the son of the Sinclair boss – one of the two ruling families in the city. She unwillingly gets hired as his bodyguard when she finds herself in the middle of intrigues…

Alongside Devon, she has to find out who’s trying to kill Devon Sinclair, what the evil family Draconi has to do with it all and what role her dead mother played in this…

This book is a perfect combination of fantasy and reality, mystery and love, good and evil and the will to have power.

Here’s the link to my blog entry – but it’s in GERMAN!!!: Black Blade Blog Entry


4.  HARRY POTTER by JK Rowling

I don’t think I have to explain the fact that I can read Harry Potter OVER AND OVER AGAIN because probably half of the world’s population feels the same way as I do. JK Rowling creates a world full of wonder, magic and tragedy, nobody can escape her thrilling stories. Never have I seen such a completed world that is not reality that has such a love for detail as the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Here’s the link to my blog entry – but it’s in GERMAN!!!: Harry Potter Blog Entry


5.  SHADOWHUNTERS by Cassandra Clare

The Shadowhunter world has amazed me that much that I’ve read all of her books multiple times. My favorite Shadowhunter series is Cassandra Clare’s latest work: The dark artifices.

For those who haven’t read one of the three Shadowhunter series, here’s a quick overview to understand the entry: “Shadowhunters” are people half angel / half human who protect the humans against demons. Although “Shadowhunters” are good warriors, not everybody uses their abilities for good causes.

The dark artifices takes place a couple of years after the Great War against the “bad” shadowhunters Valentin and Sebastian. It concentrates on two teen shadowhunters ( the protagonists are teenagers in all three series) Emma and Julian,  living in the Los Angeles Institut. Emma’s parents died in the war, but Emma is convinced the war wasn’t their cause of death. A couple of years after their death, Emma and Julian finally find a lead – and tremble into an adventure much bigger than just a murder of two innocent people.

The first series named Shadowhunters is probably the most famous one and I’ve also loved this series. It concentrates on a girl, Clary, who finds out she’s a shadowhunter after eighteen years. Being the daughter of the villain Valentin, her mother escaped the shadowhunter world and raised Clary as a human. But with Valentin returning, Clary has to face her heritage as a shadowhunter and has to fight her father alongside her friends Jace, Isabel, Alec and Simon. Although this story might sound simple as I tell it, it actually faces multiple problems at once: Simon – Clary’s human best friend – gets bitten and turns into a vampire; Valentin tells Clary that Jace is her long lost brother; more to reveal would spoil the books.

All in all, Shadowhunters enters a world full of magical powers, love and hate, mystery and lies and is truly recommend for everyone who loves the category fantasy!!!

Here’s the link to my blog entry – but it’s in GERMAN!!!: Shadowhunters Blog Entry


6. RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

My last blog entry was about the last novel of the Red Queen series War Storm. One example of how this series makes me feel: After I finished War Storm I started to read another novel I’d wanted to read for a couple of weeks. I read approximately the first thirty pages but had to stop because it was written soooo badly. What I’ve come to realize only minutes after is, that the book wasn’t written badly, Red Queen was just a series on a whole different level of literature. I can’t describe how much I enjoy reading Victoria Aveyard because all you can do is read it yourself and convince yourself of the quality.

When somebody says “What books do you recommend?”, I tell them this series because it carries you away like no other. It tells the story of a world where people have either silver or red blood. Silver blooded people have special powers and are the elite while reds are treated like slaves. Although the whole world is established like this, the books only tell the story of the monarchy Norta. Mare Barrow, a red girl living in a slum, starts to work in the palace to earn money for her family as she discovers that she has the power to call lightings upon herself. To cover up this new race – redblooded people who have powers (called new bloods) – the palace creates a new identity for Mare, a longest princess. Mare is supposed to marry the younger brother of the heir Maven when she decides to join the underground organization The Scarlet Guard which want to overthrow the crown and start a revolution to equalize red and silver…

With political intrigues, a love triangle and a powerful revolution, this series has everything one needs to be blown away!!!



I can’t express the feelings overwhelming me right now, the minutes after I finally finished one of my favorite book series ever. I’ve waited what felt like thousand years for Victoria Aveyard to finally tell the story of Mare Barrow – and she killed it. The fourth and final book of the RED QUEEN series is absolutely stunning, with great turning points, incredible dialogues and a fantastic ending. This book is probably the best I’ve read this year and the defiantly best of the series. After KING’S CAGE has not really won me over, this book has really made me cry – in so many ways.

After Cal has chosen his crown over her and the revolution, Mare has to protect her heart from everything that is coming her way. She is determined to overthrow the kingdom and ending the reign of the boy who has caused her so much pain: Maven. But the Scarlet Guard can’t end the long lasting suppression of the reds without allies, and so she must side with the boy who broke her heart: alongside Cal and his silver allies, she tries to overrun a kingdom that has caused the death of so many innocent.

The battle between Reds and Silvers, heirs and slaves, Mare and Maven. Victoria Aveyard has really made the impossible possible: with this epic conclusion to this heartwearming series she COMPLETELY convinced me!

SPOILER ALERT (anyone who wants to read this book do not read this paragraph):

At the end, Mare and Maven fight one on one and Mare survives, having no memory of what happened to Maven. I’ve always wanted to believe that somebody could still cure Maven and rip his mother’s part out of him, leaving his beautiful and carrying soul. But with the book ending, Maven can not be cured and dies at the end. Or does he, because Mare doesn’t know if or where he is still alive… I’ve heard that Cal could have helped his brother survive and is keeping him save and captive without Mare knowing…Epic Reads!!!  

Sooooooo, at the end, Maven MAY be dead – but deep in my heart I wanted him to be nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cal and Mare together and will always hope the lightning girl and the Chlore prince have a future – but Victoria Aveyard gave me the burgeoning hope that Maven could still have a heart – but nothing.


However, she really gave this story an epic finale with Norta becoming a free republic, although the end of Norta isn’t really mentioned. Another thing that I really respect of Victoria Aveyard is the liberal perspective of sexuality:

Evangeline Samos is gay. That is a really cool thing to write, considering the homophobia in this world. Being able to live your sexuality in the free Republic of Montfort, Evangeline, Elane (her girlfriend) and her brother Ptolemus run away from their parents, turning their backs on Norta and the Kingdom of the Rift. I’ve hated Evangeline the first two books because she was such a devious witch considering Mare and the redblooded, with her silver pride and her “soon to be queen” perspective. But during this book, one becomes to see the human side of her – being controlled by her parents, living a life that is forbidden in her country – loving a girl – and having to marry a boy she doesn’t love.

Do you know the principle of many people telling a story – each person tells one chapter – but there is actually just one main character. Am I the only one who wants to skip the chapters with the boring people and just wanting to read what the main character has to say? Well, this book was different. I still love Mare’s story the most but this book was the only book that didn’t bore me when Evangeline and Iris were telling their story.

So – all in for one – this book threw me over in the best possible way and I recommend it to everyone who likes a strong female character, a revolution and fighting for their rights!



I just came across this funny abbreviation DNF – did not finish – and I decided it was time for a new blog post! So here a couple of books I started reading but DNF!

  1. “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

To be honest, I didn’t quiet love this series, although I watched the first movie. The movie was actually great so I decided to read the book series to it (I usually read the books first though). However, the books didn’t really impress me that much and I stopped the book after approximately thirty pages and started reading something else. A couple of months ago, I decided to watch the second movie of the series but to be honest, it bored me. I can’t really describe why the story didn’t blow me away because I loved Veronica Roth’s other novels – Carve the mark -, but I guess I just didn’t bond with this story than how I do with others…


2.  “The Penderwicks at last” by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwick sisters have accompanied me through my whole childhood, up until now. And therefore I was extremely excited when I saw the fifth novel of the series in store, after more then ten years, when I first started to get to know this family. Although the previous books (actually only the first three :)) are my favorite books in the world, I didn’t finish the fifth due to several reasons… I am only going to list two because I have already reviewed this book (the link is down below!).

It really upset me that Skye is not marrying Jeffrey because they were the cutest couple ever invented!! They were perfect  for each other and I have loved them both for as long as I can remember and therefore, when Jeanne Birdsall let Skye marry Dusek (like come on?!), my world collapsed!

I absolutely hated the fact that little Lydia was the leading role in this novel and not the original four Penderwicks because I couldn’t bond with her AT ALL!!!

Here’s the link to my review:


3. “Harry Potter and the cursed child” by JK Rowling

This book actually doesn’t count because I finished it after all! But I decided to list it up as  well because I laid it away for a couple of months before I gathered my strengths and finished it! Here’s the reason why:

First of all, why I stopped reading it: I wasn’t quiet blown away with the story tbh, because come on: they travel back in time to capture Voldemort’s bad daughter but didn’t come up with the idea to stop Voldemort from even killing Harry’s parents??? Why not? Sirius wouldn’t be dead, Remus wouldn’t be dead, Dumbledore wouldn’t be dead, Fred wouldn’t be dead and of course: Harry wouldn’t have been an orphan! And why does Voldemort even have a daughter, that’s so out of the blue – and with Belatrix? Meaning, Sirius would be the uncle! Ghhhh… How is it even possible that Belatrix is pregnant when she dies at the battle of Hogwarts??? I just don’t like this idea….

Second of all, why I continued to read it after all: I have always been a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and movies equally and could therefore never live with myself knowing I didn’t finish Harry’s last story – I know I’m dramatic.


4. “The Physician” by Noah Gordon

I watched the movie for a preparation of a presentation for school due to the upcoming plague and actually very much enjoyed it. Because of the movie, I started reading the book but stopped after 200 pages – just like my father – because the story wasn’t worth the attention. I don’t really  know why I liked the movie so much more than the book, but the book made a big deal about his childhood and youth with the doctor which was very boring for me. Turns out, some movies are better than the actual books, just like the DaVinci Code – but usually I stick to the belief, that the books are better or (in Harry Potter’s case) equal to the movies!


The Penderwicks at last

If someone would ask me what has most influenced my early years (but I doubt anyone ever will), I’d say this family. I have been reading Jeanne Birdsall’s Penderwicks since I was five years old and they have had a major impact on my life. This is the reason why I was so enormously thrilled to finally see the fifth book in store!

The leading role is sadly Lydia and not the four original Penderwicks what I thought was a huge mistake. From my point of view, Lydias life isn’t as interesting as the stories of Rosalind, Skye, Jane and Batty who you have come to know and love. Although Lydia is now as old as Skye was in the first and Jane was in the second novel, she neither has the mental maturity nor is she integrated enough in the family to seem interesting.

SPOILER – don’t read if you still want to read the grand finale!

Skye is now 26 years old, studies astrophysics and has Czech boyfriend named Dusek. The most annoying thing of this novel was the fact, that Skye ends up marrying Dusek instead of my long lost dream of marrying Jeffrey! It is unbelievable that Jeanne Birdsall doesn’t follow up the hint of the love for Skye and Jeffrey, starting with an enormous friendship lasting through thick and thin!

Rosalind is finally marrying Tommy Geiger – at least one of my dreams came true! Jane is still writing books, not wanting to marry for now, maybe not ever!

Jane and Skye have always been my favorite characters as I could often identify myself with the two sister, looking at myself as a mixture! Therefore I was sad these two weren’t mentioned enough and if they were, they had nothing to do with the two people I’ve come to love!

Therefore, this book isn’t quite what I’d imagined it to be: Lydia plays the leading role, Skye and Jeffrey have no future as Skye marries Dusek and Jane and Skye are mentioned way to little! So: no book I can recommend.

Although this book wasn’t fulfilling my expectations, this has no impact on my thoughts about the first three novels which have changed my life for the better!


New books I’m planning to read this summer

I haven’t quite done something like that where I talk about books I haven’t read yet, but you have to try new things! So here a couple of books I’m taking with me on vacation!

The hate u give by Angie Thomas
This book not only won the National Book Award longlist of 2017, but also the Goodreads choice awards best young adult fiction prize and it has earned it. This book talkes about discrimination, racism and speaking up.

When her unarmed best friend gets shot by a police officer, Starr decides to take matters in her own hands. As almost the only black girl at her privat high school, she has suffered from discrimination and even racism.
This book is an amazing way to tell young people how the world really is behind all the equality politicians say their country has achieved. Racism is part of our daily lives, whether you accept it or not and things have to change!
Bildergebnis für the hate u give

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard, fourth novel of the “Red Queen” series

War Storm is the fourth and last novel of the bestseller’s series “Red Queen” and I can’t wait to read it soon!

This book talks about a revolution in a monarchy, where silver-blooded people reign over the red-bloodedb because silver-bloods have special powers, while the red-bloods don’t. Mare is red-blooded and plays a leading role in the upcoming revolution. Other than all the other redbloods, she has powers and is therefore a great danger to the thrown, because she isn’t the only one!
This whole series has thrown me off of my feet due to the fantasy and the world’s creation!
Bildergebnis für war storm

The fates divide by Veronica Roth, second novel of the “Carve the mark” series

For anyone who has loved the new novel of Veronica Roth (Carve the mark) will be pleased to hear that the second and final novel of the series is finally out. I must admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the Divergent series but this series has really developed itself into one of my favorites!

It takes place in a gallery, where everybody has a fate that will come upon you whether it’s impossible or not. Cyra Noavek is the sister of the evil king of the Shotet, who has (at the end of the first novel) been captured by her best friend, Akos, who is a Thuvesit. The Shotet and Thuvesit have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember and now the gallaxy seems to interfere with their business as well!
I recommend this book to anyone loving fiction or Veronica Roth because the first novel had me thrilled!
Bildergebnis für the fates divide

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

This book has only been on my list for a couple of minutes, but the plot really convinced me! As I haven’t put much thought into this book, here’s the original plot:
Theodosia was six when her country was invaded and her mother, the Fire Queen, was murdered before her eyes. On that day, the Kaiser took Theodosia’s family, her land, and her name. Theo was crowned Ash Princess–a title of shame to bear in her new life as a prisoner.
Bildergebnis für ash princess