The Viscount who loved me – Review

It’s been a while since I’ve written a review – mainly because I’ve been reading Harry Potter again and writing a third or fourth review on a book would be a little excessive, and secondly, because all I’ve been doing is reading court rulings for my seminar paper (which was incredibly fun, no hate here!). But after watching Bridgerton Season 2 and being dumbstruck at how I could even love the second season more than I did the first, I decided it was time to read the books. I just finished the second one (yes, I started with the second – I was invested in Anthony and Kate) and loved it. Here’s my review!

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Top 5 Tuesday: five series I haven’t finished yet

Another week, another Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Meeghan @Meeghan Reads. I’m super excited to write this post because I have A LOT of unfished series because I have the tendency to LOOOVE the first book and then I start the second one and never end up finishing it… So here we go!

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The books I read during the holidays

The holidays feel like a lifetime ago, so much happened: I went back to Munich, uni started again and I MOVED INTO MY OWN APPARTMENT – what?!

January was super intense, happy because I love living alone and I’m not lonely (my fear) and also sad because the holidays were such a magical time with my family. I spent two weeks just NOT DOING ANY WORK, reading, watching movies, going on walks and spending quality time with my family. I reread (nostalgic, you know) a few books and thought I’d share them if anyone is in need of awesome books!

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First Impressions: The Spanish Love Deception

It’s been some time since I’ve read a book not connected to university and I have very strong feelings about the start of the story, so here is my first impression of The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas. I actually discovered this book on TikTok, which is so funny to me because I usually see TikToks of all the books I love, but this one was about great romance reads and since that is not my genre, I didn’t know a single book – anyways, here’s my first impression!

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New books I want to read in 2022 – Listed!

I didn’t have much time to read since I’ve started studying because studying Law involves a lot of reading and then after a long day, I often don’t have time and so instead of reading, I just relax in bed and watch Netflix (a very bad habit). However, I was bought a couple of books and have also been gifted some and I really want to read all of them over the course of 2022. Here’s the list!

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Reading update – I’m back!

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while! I graduated high school which was quite a ride: so many good byes, parties and now I am finally able to relax and never think about school ever again (until I start Uni in October). Now I am on holiday with my family and I finally have the time to continue reading. I’m back and better than ever and so first things first: here’s a reading update!

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Normal People – Review

After three weeks of complete silence, I have managed to show myself again. Online school started again, I only have my main courses and exams in school and that was such a stressful arrangement for me… So I didn’t have any time to read for three weeks up until Tuesday after finishing my last exam: and then I power-read Normal People by Sally Rooney in two days. Here are my thoughts!

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Bookstores + Libraries I’d love to visit – Listed!

All I wanted to do this morning is go to a great, maybe cozy bookstore and just spend hours in there going through thousands of books and then maybe end up buying one. But since I’m home and have been at my local bookstore millions of times, I can’t do that. So what’s better than to write a Listed! post with all the amazing bookstores and libraries I want to visit, whether I’ve only heard of them or actually discovered them already!

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Books I really want to read during summer break – Listed!

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote a Listed! post, so here we are! I have a very very detailed and thought-through book list in mind for the books I want to read this summer break and so I hope this post will help me realize this. Because – I can see it coming already: I thoroughly plan what to read and bring on my summer break and I never end up reading the books I brought, but instead discover new amazing books, instantly buy them and never read the ones on my TBR. So maybe, just maybe, this post will hype up the books I want to read so that I can, for once, stick to my plans. Plus, I’m just about to head to the bookstore to buy one or two books I’m planning to read during the first vacay, so there will be no weaseling out for them!

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