About me

Hi, I’m Jane. I love reading and writing and so I’ve come to the conclusion to write a blog. My favorite genres are young adult and fantasy, but I occasionally read contemporary as well!

Here’s some random information about me: I’m a huge Draco lover and my mom hates me for that, I’m a dedicated Gryffindor, I enjoy the pool but don’t love the sea, I simply cannot eat more than one scoop of ice cream even though I love it,  London is my favorite city ever and I’m crazy about boooooks.

Some of my favorite books include: Harry Potter, all the Shadowhunters series!, the whole Grishaverse, My Lady Jane and Red Queen!

About my reviews: I am not here to praise every single book I read, so please expect honest reviews. If I didn’t enjoy reading something, I will review the book honestly and publish what I didn’t like. I am also not here to hate anything or anyone, so please respect that and don’t be disrespectful to anyone!