Walking through Vienna – and its bookshops!

I haven’t had the time to write a proper entry since I’ve been away for the past week! Me and my parents went hiking in Tyrol and now me and my dad are spending the next two weeks at my grandma’s house in Vienna: and today was our first full day full of adventures!

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Life and reading update, summer plans!

It’s been quite a while, I have had no time to write, post or read any real book over the past days, so I guess here we are: me lying in bed on the evening before my last school day and finally managing to write something as it’s my only free evening. What you’re in for: everything that’s going on in my life, what I’m reading/will read over summer, and my overall plans for August and the start of September (also in regard of my senior year)!

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Bookstores + Libraries I’d love to visit – Listed!

All I wanted to do this morning is go to a great, maybe cozy bookstore and just spend hours in there going through thousands of books and then maybe end up buying one. But since I’m home and have been at my local bookstore millions of times, I can’t do that. So what’s better than to write a Listed! post with all the amazing bookstores and libraries I want to visit, whether I’ve only heard of them or actually discovered them already!

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Books I really want to read during summer break – Listed!

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote a Listed! post, so here we are! I have a very very detailed and thought-through book list in mind for the books I want to read this summer break and so I hope this post will help me realize this. Because – I can see it coming already: I thoroughly plan what to read and bring on my summer break and I never end up reading the books I brought, but instead discover new amazing books, instantly buy them and never read the ones on my TBR. So maybe, just maybe, this post will hype up the books I want to read so that I can, for once, stick to my plans. Plus, I’m just about to head to the bookstore to buy one or two books I’m planning to read during the first vacay, so there will be no weaseling out for them!

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What quarantine has taught me, life update + Harry Potter all the way!

This is a kind of personal, cooking and bookish post all at once. I didn’t have a lot of time to catch up on reading the past few weeks (while other people have all the time in the world at home, going back to school is proving itself to be kind of stressful!) and so I really wanted to share some of my personal thoughts regarding the current situation and what I made of the past few months and also experienced!

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Random thoughts ft. me reading the Harry Potter series for the third time, cooking and living my best life!

Well, I was in the mood to write something and so here’s a super random post featuring my current reading/life situation + Harry Potter all the way!

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Shadowhunters Quotes that go way too deep – Listed!

I am currently reading Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare and once more, I realized how breathtakingly deep Cassandra Clare’s books go and how incredibly much she’s able to pin feelings down and just state true and hurtful facts we all have to accept. So here are my favorite quotes from The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices and now The Last Hours.

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Spring reads – Listed!

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring where I’m from: I’m currently sitting on my bed with the window open, the sun shining into my room and birds chirping outside. This is the most upsetting part about the whole corona crisis, the world’s getting ready for spring, everything’s blossoming and you’re forced to stay inside. So here are some of my personal favorite spring reads to somehow get into the right mood!

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The books that defined me over the last decade – Listed!

I saw this over at Lori’s blog, so the credits definitely go to her, but this is so emotional, that I need to write this as well. Books definitely define you as a person, and the last decade was the most important one of my life: it was primary school until the almost end of high school and that’s the most influential time as a young person. Naturally, there are many books that defined me, here’s the list and how they managed to change my life!

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