Reading update – I’m back!

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while! I graduated high school which was quite a ride: so many good byes, parties and now I am finally able to relax and never think about school ever again (until I start Uni in October). Now I am on holiday with my family and I finally have the time to continue reading. I’m back and better than ever and so first things first: here’s a reading update!

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Normal People – Review

After three weeks of complete silence, I have managed to show myself again. Online school started again, I only have my main courses and exams in school and that was such a stressful arrangement for me… So I didn’t have any time to read for three weeks up until Tuesday after finishing my last exam: and then I power-read Normal People by Sally Rooney in two days. Here are my thoughts!

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Save You – Review

It’s been some time, I haven’t had any time to blog because I’m currently in Italy hiking with my family. This vacation, however, finally led to me finishing two books, so no hard feelings here. It’s taken me some time to get to the second book of Save Me, but now that I finished it, onto the third!

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Save Me – Review

I usually never read books in one or two days because I never have the time to do so – but yesterday, I went to the store at eleven am and spent the entire day reading. Today I read the last 100 pages after school and now I am done, desperate to buy the sequel tomorrow and shattered to 100000 pieces because this book was so incredibly great and there isn’t a better feeling in the world than after finishing an overwhelming book in a short time. Here are my thoughts on Mona Kasten’s novel Save Me!

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Books I really want to read during summer break – Listed!

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote a Listed! post, so here we are! I have a very very detailed and thought-through book list in mind for the books I want to read this summer break and so I hope this post will help me realize this. Because – I can see it coming already: I thoroughly plan what to read and bring on my summer break and I never end up reading the books I brought, but instead discover new amazing books, instantly buy them and never read the ones on my TBR. So maybe, just maybe, this post will hype up the books I want to read so that I can, for once, stick to my plans. Plus, I’m just about to head to the bookstore to buy one or two books I’m planning to read during the first vacay, so there will be no weaseling out for them!

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Spring reads – Listed!

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring where I’m from: I’m currently sitting on my bed with the window open, the sun shining into my room and birds chirping outside. This is the most upsetting part about the whole corona crisis, the world’s getting ready for spring, everything’s blossoming and you’re forced to stay inside. So here are some of my personal favorite spring reads to somehow get into the right mood!

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WWW Wednesday

It’s been the craziest first day of school for me (yes, school started on a Wednesday, I know that’s weird). I’m attending an international school and I’m a junior now, but the system changed and now everything is different, my timetable sucks and I didn’t get the best teachers… Anyways, I hope to find some peace and quiet here and regain the positive energy I lost being annoyed, so let’s go!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books on my TBR I’m avoiding & why

It’s Tuesday, the last school-free day for me! So let’s make this a good one! I’ll be listing all the books that are still on my TBR (and will remain there for another while) because I’m avoiding them!

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