Top Five Tuesday: books that have been on my TBR forever!

It’s time for another tag – oh how I’ve missed writing tags!!! I have class in fifteen minutes (online), so I will speed through this! Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, and is now being hosted here @ Meeghan reads!

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Let’s Talk Bookish: the care and keeping of a TBR

October flew by: another Friday, another Let’s Talk Bookish and then I opened my calendar and realized “It’s October 16th”. It’ll all going by too fast, or not fast enough because I am already feeling the Christmas Spirit and have made myself various Chai Lattes with cinnamon and hazelnut milk! But back to the books: here’s all about my TBR! And not to forget: the discussion is as always hosted by  Dani @Literary Lion and Rukky @Eternity Books!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I’ve added to my TBR and forgotten why!

And onto another tag: today I’ll list up all the random books on my TBR list that made sense at some point, but which are just unexplainable now. I usually add books very quickly, but I’m not much of a forgetter, so I hope I’ll be able to list some books (for the sake of this post, it would mean heavenly order for my TBR shelf). So let’s see!

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April Wrap-Up + May TBR!

I’m a day late and I haven’t posted much lately: I’ve had a very stressful home-school week as we start school on Monday (the seniors, 2 meters apart and I’m super happy to see my friends again, but waking up at 6.30am again is going to be torture) and I had the worst migraine yesterday – so I was super inactive 😦 But anyways: here are all the books/ bookish things about last month and my reading goals for May!

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The books I desperately need to read in 2020 – Listed!

Here’s another Listed, I did one of the books I got for Christmas and since there are so many great posts concerning the reading year, the challenges and everything about 2020 – here’s a list of all the books I’ve missed out on and HAVE TO READ this year!

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November Wrap-Up and December TBR

It’s the first of December – yayyy! Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be in a better mood! I can’t believe November already ended, it felt like the shortest month of the year (probably the reason I didn’t get anything done haha!). Anyways, here’s a wrap-up of last month and an outlook for December!

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Let’s talk bookish: are TBR’s necessary to be considered a reader/blogger?

It’s Friday again (my exams are finally done) and I am super happy to take part in Let’s talk bookish hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books again! Today I’ll be discussing whether a to be read list is necessary to be considered a reader or blogger!

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September Wrap-Up & October TBR

September flew by extremely fast. It was an overwhelming moth for me as I now have a complete new school system and had to adjust and process this huge change. Hence, I didn’t have much time for reading and found myself in a real reading slump – so this should be fun! Here’s my overview for September and some ideas for this upcoming month!

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