November Wrap-Up and December TBR

It’s the first of December – yayyy! Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be in a better mood! I can’t believe November already ended, it felt like the shortest month of the year (probably the reason I didn’t get anything done haha!). Anyways, here’s a wrap-up of last month and an outlook for December!

November Wrap-Up:

Last month, I finished me rereading marathon of Kerstin Gier’s Silver Trilogy and it was amazing. I’ve never been so enchanted by a reread before (let’s not count Harry Potter here) and that just felt overwhelming.

I absolutely loved everything about every part of the books, the characters were a dream, the plot was funny on the one hand and gripping on the other, the writing was fabulous and it was set in London – what else can you wish for?I’m looking forward to next year to reread it all over again and get hyped up, be enchanted and get the feels all over again – it never gets old!

The Queen of Nothing was this month’s reading highlight. I’m so happy I can finally say I know how this series ends because after reading The Cruel Prince and also The Wicked King and not being able to tell how it will all turn out killed me.

I rated this book 4 stars because, overall, it was satisfying because the plot was gripping, there were some unexpected turns and I couldn’t wish for anything more. For that one star, check out my spoiler review!

I’m so ashamed. Life got in the way, which is why I was only able to read 2.5 books last month. The Mitford Murders caused that 0.5 book and I’m super excited to continue.

Overall, this book starts out great and I’ve finally reached the interesting part and I’m beyond eager to have the murderer reveiled.

I’m hoping to finish this soon, review to come!

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December TBR:

Number 1 priority is One of Us is Lying because my friends loved that book and I won’t waste any chance at discussing books with them!

I’m super ready for a YA contemporary thriller/mystery/crime novel and I can’t wait to read this Breakfast Club inspired book! I haven’t read a book set in high school for ages and I’m super hyped to get started!

I’ve made up my mind that William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is my next classics read goal. I took a look at his works and this was the one I was most interested in. After reading If We Were Villains about the theater students performing Shakespeare plays, I was intrigued to get to know that genre of literature and while I won’t read Romeo & Juliet (too much) just yet, I decided Hamlet was going to be my first target! (To be or not to be – looking forward!)

I’m attending an international school in Germany and that means that German literature is a mandatory part of my lessons. Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is one of the most dreaded books by students in Germany for as long as I can think – and of course, it’s mandatory.

To be quite honest, I’m super excited because my teacher keeps telling us how difficult to understand it is, how many students failed at reading – and I’m up for the challenge. It’s seen as one of Germany’s most famous novels/ drama and I’m looking forward!

My English teacher decided to spice up our holidays by assigning everyone a classic that you have to present later on. Well, I chose 1984 by George Orwell, I decided against Hamlet because I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I also decided against Pride & Prejudice because I wanted to experience something new and here I have it!

My teacher said he really enjoyed reading this one as it has a lot of historical background and was super moving and since my mum already played with the thought of giving it to me for Christmas – that’s great!

That’s it – I hope you have the most wonderful and magical month of December! Happy reading!

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