First Impressions: The Mitford Murders

It’s finally the weekend again and I’ve had some time to catch up on my reading and am therefore able to take notes on my first impressions of Jessica Fellowes new series, The Mitford Murders.

I’ve first noticed this new series through Instagram: while I really hate the ads, I was thankful for this one. Jessica Fellowes might be a name to the Downton Abbey fans out here, as she wrote the five official companion books to the renowned series. I have never read them, but was really curious after hearing she published a mystery / murder series that takes place in London shortly after the 1st World War.

Normally, I don’t read a lot of historical fiction as I’m not a fan of old character pictures nor historical living conditions. Don’t ask me why, this is just something that rather stresses me than representing an activity I enjoy. However, the plot was super intriguing and so, also because it’s set in London and how could I turn that down, I decided to buy it and give it a try. And it was worth it.

The plot and the characters have been a pure joy so far! The protagonist, Louisa Cannon, daughter of a poor widow, wishes to escape her uncle who’s been emotionally abusing her after her father’s death. And when she meets an old friend who’s being accompanied by a Mitford sister, she offers her a job recommendation to be a nursery maid at Asthall Manor, the household of Lord and Lady Mitford. Meanwhile, Florence Nightingale Shore, is being murdered on a train ride and suddenly, Louisa and her new friend Nancy, the oldest Mitford sister, find themselves in a murder investigation and entangled with a murderer who will stop at nothing to hide their secret…

Oh – how I’ve enjoyed this plot! I’m on page 70, Louisa has been offered the job and Florence Nightingale Shore has just been murdered. It’s been a little slow paced so far, but I didn’t mind that. Louisa is a wonderful protagonist, relatable and of a sweet nature and I couldn’t wish for a better one. Nancy has a great personality and I’m expecting her to cause more than a few laughters down the line.

The writing and atmosphere have been phenomenal, I’ve never read a book where London was described and played such a big role as a setting than in this book and I am really valuing that. From various train stations to the Christmas atmosphere, everything about my favorite city is mentioned and that’s wonderful.

The writing is another fantastic aspect! I can’t really distinguish this writing from anything indicating another century and that’s perfect as I don’t want to realize it’s set in a different time period every page. The descriptions are detailed yet not too long and I am really enjoying Jessica Fellowes’s writing style!

All in all, I am eager to continue and will update you soon! Happy reading and enjoy your weekend!

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