Past, Present and Future Tag

As you probably all know by now, I am fond of TAGS, and I saw Reading with Rendz do this adorable Past Present and Future Tag and I realized: this is what I should be doing right now.

Up front, I apologize that I haven’t been active this week due to a school internship, but I hope this tag is a small excuse for my absense! Anyways, let’s dive right in! Continue reading “Past, Present and Future Tag”

Top Ten Longest Books I’ve ever read

I know this entry is actually called Top Ten Tuesday hosted  by That Artsy Reader Girl and I had the full intentions on posting it under that title on Tuesday but I got stuck in school work that I had to stop writing so I’m doing this meme as a normal blog entry instead!

I’m super excited for today’s theme which is: Longest Books I’ve ever read. And because I love long books – only if they amaze me, tho – I’m just going to write this entry instead of doing my homework. Continue reading “Top Ten Longest Books I’ve ever read”

The Truly Devious Book Tag

imagesOMG, I have created a tag! I love Tags and therefore came up with the thought of creating one myself, starting with a simple one, involving my currently read book Truly Devious. I really loved this book and what’s better than creating a book tag to share your love for that book! Continue reading “The Truly Devious Book Tag”