Merry Christmas + Update

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been a while, I’ve been super busy at university and moving to a new city for the first time in my life. Having a blog and sharing what I’m passionate about still remains a huge part of my life as I think about my blog often and wish I had the strength to write reviews, tags and just keep in touch with all my blogger friends, but the new changes in my life just don’t go well together with continuously posting. I will, however, try and write as much as possible over the next months and years and hope to still find the time to read in my free time! Anways, here’s an update!

First: Merry Christmas!

First of all, I wish everyone that celebrated a very merry Christmas and if you didn’t, I still hope you had a blast during the couple of free days and were able to relax a bit!

This post might be a bit much and will definetely not be structured, so I’ll just write whatever comes to mind.

A new chapter of my life

I graduated high school (Gynmasium as we call it here in Germany) in July and that was pretty overwhelming. Not writing all the final exams (that too, I am a huge overthinker and nerd as well haha, so I was definetely stressed out to the max), but leaving all of my friends behind. I am still in contact to my best friends, but there are so many school friends that I love but was never super close with and now the connection is gone. The thing I needed to remind me of often is that friendships come and go, it’s natural to move on, but if it’s meant to be, you stick together and thankfully, I’ve had the chance to experience that with my best friends.

I am extremely grateful for the month of July we all had together, all of my class partying together, making incredible memories, throwing a ball… That really was the greatest month of my life and I never get tired of looking back at it.

What really was hard, tho, is coming to peace with the fact that I’ve known most of these people since I was ten (in Germany, you change school after primary school and then stick together until going to uni at the age of 18) and some of them since I was 6. We’ve all grown up together and then going to university to study Law in a different city and never being able to experience the closeness we had over the last two years, especially.

One of my favorite pictures to ever exist. The whole class at our ball sending off balloons into the sky to make a wish for the future!

Moving to Munich to study Law

Moving out to a new and strange big city was definetely not easy. Being all alone, away from your family and friends is an experience no one can prepare you for. You just have to get through it, and while it was accompanied by a lot of tears and also lonliness, I now have found a few new great friends that helped me. In January, I am moving into my first place all by myself and I am super psyched about that. Munich is super expensive, so I can call myself extremly lucky to have found this 1-room appartemt 10 min from the university.

This is the beautiful main university building of the LMU (Ludwig Maximilians Universität)
And that’s the main hall!

As you can tell, I love the univesity there. Munich in general is a fantastic city, old and full of life, many many students, clubs, bars, cafés and bookstores, the English Garden and so much more. I am looking forward to explore the city in the summer when hopefully everything has opened up again!

About studying Law

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to study Law, but I never really knew how the suject would be, how you learn, what’s important and how exams look. Everyone always says “oh that’s a lot to learn by heart” and “You’ll have to know all of the books (like the Civil Code) by heart” and while you of course have to learn certain schemes by heart, you only have to know where to find the paragraphs. I think studying Law in Germany is completely different to studying Law in the US or UK because we don’t have certain cases we need to memorize and work strictly with the books… (So if any of you study Law outside of Germany, I’d love to hear from you!).

Anyways: the first semester has almost ended and I can say one thing for sure: it’s hard, you have to READ a lot, but it sure is fun to work on cases, try and discuss certain problems and just solve cases!

That’s it for the update, I will try and write some bookish posts, but thought it would be fun to update you on my new life chapter! Happy reading and I hope you have great holidays!

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