2020 Reading Wrap-Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope you all had the chance to celebrate with your loved ones, with or without lockdown. I spent my evening at a friend’s house and so that was great, but we went to bed waaaay to late and so all I’m doing today is watching How I Met Your Mother for the hundredth time and writing this post. Anyways: here’s my bookish year, favorites, disappointments, and everything else that happened on this blog!

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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag ft. me crumbling down

2020 is more than half-way over and I’m stick stuck in March. Corona made me loose track of time, I feel like we skipped the whole spring season and to be honest, we were thrown into summer?! During the past month, we slowly returned to reality, I have normal school again and that is something I’m immensely grateful for – some exams coming up (not very cool), but I am ready to enjoy summer evenings with my friends and am super excited for the trips my family has planned for summer break!

However: my reading, very unpredicted, suffered immensely this year. Normal as it started, I was suffocating in school work and then corona said hi and home schooling was even more intense and I haven’t had much time to read. So this should be fun, with the little amount of read books so far. By the way, I got the idea from Kaya @afictionalbookworm – so check out her post as well!

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The books I desperately need to read in 2020 – Listed!

Here’s another Listed, I did one of the books I got for Christmas and since there are so many great posts concerning the reading year, the challenges and everything about 2020 – here’s a list of all the books I’ve missed out on and HAVE TO READ this year!

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