Top 5 Tuesday: five series I haven’t finished yet

Another week, another Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Meeghan @Meeghan Reads. I’m super excited to write this post because I have A LOT of unfished series because I have the tendency to LOOOVE the first book and then I start the second one and never end up finishing it… So here we go!

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Let’s Talk Bookish – what makes a book a five star read?

It’s been a while since I’ve discussed something and since Let’s Talk Bookish has always been my favorite tag, I am beyond excited to write this post! The tag is hosted by Rukky @eternitybooks and  Dani @ Literary Lion. Today’s question What makes a book a five star read is not actually today’s topic, but I didn’t really know what to write for today’s question and so researched a few older ones and found this AWESOME question by M.T. Wilson @ The Last Book on the Left – so let’s get into it!

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Reading update – I’m back!

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while! I graduated high school which was quite a ride: so many good byes, parties and now I am finally able to relax and never think about school ever again (until I start Uni in October). Now I am on holiday with my family and I finally have the time to continue reading. I’m back and better than ever and so first things first: here’s a reading update!

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First Impressions: Chain of Iron

I guess first impressions are a bit wide-fetched since I am 200 pages in and the story is already super developed. But since the book is 600 pages long, I guess I’ll write one anyways because I have MILLIONS of thoughts…

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2020 Reading Wrap-Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope you all had the chance to celebrate with your loved ones, with or without lockdown. I spent my evening at a friend’s house and so that was great, but we went to bed waaaay to late and so all I’m doing today is watching How I Met Your Mother for the hundredth time and writing this post. Anyways: here’s my bookish year, favorites, disappointments, and everything else that happened on this blog!

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Let’s Talk Bookish: romance as a subplot!

We’re heading into December, slowly but surely, and me and my friends have already baked Christmas cookies and the Christmas playlist has been blasting for more than two weeks (featuring Michael Buble and Motown obviously!). The next two months are filled with exams, we had one today, one next Wednesday and Friday and then like that for the next several weeks – so fun. I hope I still find some time in between: especially for topics like these! Romance as a subplot: I’ll list my faves and least favorites and I guess just about everything that comes to my mind (very structured, right?). And not to forget: the discussion is as always hosted by  Dani @Literary Lion and Rukky @Eternity Books!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I loved but never reviewed!

It’s been quite some time – I’m back. I’ve spent the last week in Vienna, but unfortunately had to work on a presentation for school which had me reading and writing all day long (unfortunately about Presidential Doctrines and not YA fiction!) – and so I haven’t had the desired time continue reading Rivers of London or to create some content for my blog. Well, I managed to take some time off today and so here we are: listing all the books I read and loved, but never reviewed!

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