First Impressions: rereading Six of Crows!

This couldn’t come at a worse time for me: I have to read 1984 for school and should have my presentation steady and ready to go (was my quote correct?!) in three weeks with a lot of other things on my mind. Then on Saturday morning while I was peacefully sipping my tea and reading 1894, I had the incredible urge to start rereading Six of Crows that very minute. And I did.

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Top Ten Tuesday: character traits I love!

This is such a great topic for today’s Top Ten Tuesday! Here we go with my favorite character traits and the things that make me love a character! (PS all the pictures used is online fan art!)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

I don’t have much time for my favorite tag (this one haha) today, as I spent the entire day with one of my best friends in Vienna and then went out for dinner with my dad! Anyways, here’s the short version!

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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

I haven’t done a tag IN AGES and that’s one thing I love most about this blog! But now Rendz @readingwithrendz has tagged me to do this, which I’m very thankful for – definetely go check her out, I’m a huge fan of her blog and reviews!!! – so, let’s do it!

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