Six of Crows – Review

I’m deeply impressed. For a while, I haven’t read a book THIS fantastic, with its thrilling chase, extraordinary characters and a stunning plot. Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows will DEFINETELY land on my favorite-book bookshelf.

This book takes place in the city of Ketterdam, in a world where slavery is forbidden but still takes place on a daily basis, where you must fight to survive and can’t be assured of your safety by your government. Seventeen year-old Kaz Brekker knows this all too well, being raised in the Barrel, fighting for his life and for revenge of his killed brother. As he is offered a deal involving 30 million kruge (their currency) if he gets a prisoner out of the most impenetrable prison EVER, the Ice Court, he gets a crew together. This prisoner is of unbelievable value to everyone as he knows the formula of jurda parem, a powder helping Grisha (people with powers such as stopping your heart or forming metal or healing you) to unbareble power… But Kaz Brekker and his crew aren’t the only ones trying to get the prisoner out as he is wanted by many many nations – some want him dead, some want him alive. Wether dead or alive, he is a great threat to the stabilization of the world, as with jurda parem the world’s economy would crash down, nations would fight each other, all of them wanting more of the addicting powder…

This book is so INCREDIBLE  due to many factors:

First of all, the characters: Kaz Brekker’s crew consists of six members, three of them original members of his gang – one of them a spy, Inej, one sharpshooter, Jesper,  and one Grisha girl, Nina,  -, then there is one former convict, Matthias, and one mercher son, Wylan. Nina and Matthias have a long history, he a Fierdan citizen hunting the Grisha. They all have different goals, some want the prisoner dead, some alive, some want money, some do it to protect their country – but they all have one thing in common: they want to get him out, no matter what happens, so they must unite their forces despite their different opinions…

Second of all, the plot: I’ve never read about a heist as thrilling as this one. Literally, no page is boring and the turning points are LEGENDARY.

Third of all, the writing: As I’ve said before in my previous blog entries, I’m not a fan of a story told from different point of views because some characters are usually boring to listen to – not with this one. War Storm and now Six of Crows are literally the only books where this hasn’t annoyed me because ALL characters are interesting, have their own struggles and pasts and serve the story in equal ways.

All in all, this book deserves FIVE STARS and has completely won me over! To everyone who is a fan of fantasy, heist, suspense or generally who is a human being, go read this book.


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