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I saw A Fictional Bookworm do this amazing book tag “The Lady Janies Book Tag” created by the awesome bloggers BookishlyRebecca and allonsythornraxx and I consider myself tagged ūü§™ as I love this tag as Jane is my favorite name ever!!!


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Jane Lynch: A favorite book with a character on the LGBTQIA + spectrum


TOP TEN¬†by Katie Cotugno is about two high school graduates who count down their Top 10 friendship moments throughout their time together. This book is therefore awesome, as it doesn’t count down the moments in chronological order – that way surprises wait for you each page you turn around.

Lady Jane Grey: a short book that packed a punch


Within only 200 pages,¬†Finding Violet Park¬†by Jenny Valentine is one of the best shorts books I’ve read so far. It’s the insane story of a boy finding his father in the most demented way – by finding the urn of “Violet Park” forgotten in a taxi. He starts trying to figure out who “Violet Park” is and finds out much more to the story than just some old lady.

Jane Austen: a favorite heroine in a classic book


I guess it’s a classic but I chose¬†Elizabeth¬†from Jane Austen’s¬†Pride and Prejudice¬†as she is a woman people of her time should have looked up too instead of making fun of her for reading or joining a discussion. I also thought about taking Enid Blyton’s¬†George¬†from her¬†Famous Five¬†novels, as they can be considered a children’s classic, because George can easily keep up with the boys and is as courageous as any heroine can possibly be. But in the end, I chose Elizabeth ¬†¬†because she can be seen as a very emancipated woman of her time and therefore she should be recognized.

Jane Eyre: your favorite retelling


I’ve always been a fan of the original¬†Sherlock Holmes¬†but I’m a huuuge fan of Brittany Cavalaro’s¬†A Study in Charlotte¬†as it’s a modern Sherlock Holmes series – but quite different than the original. Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, ancestors of the famous John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, have only been on the same school less than a week when they are accused of murdering a classmate. Together they have to figure out who would want them written off the page – with old family rivals, new problems and a new friendship.

Calamity Jane: your most anticipated release


I love all of Cassandra Clare’s work on the “Shadowhunter world” but my favorite of her series would be her latest –¬†The Dark Artifices¬†, and therefore I’m thrilled that the third novel¬†The Queen of Air and Darkness¬†is being released this December.

Jane Fonda: a character who upholds feminist ideas


With its thrilling plot about politics, revolutions, race, equality and love, the¬†Red Queen Series¬†by Victoria Aveyard is one of my favorite series ever. What may come as a surprise to people who’ve read my blog and know that I absolutely love Mare, is the fact that I haven’t chosen her for the character upholding feminist ideas, but General Farley. She is the leader of the¬†Scarlet Guard,¬†an army leading the revolution to overthrow the thrown. She has to prove herself in an army full of men who might not approve a woman as a leader, therefore I think she fits perfect into this category.

Jane Krakowski: an underrated book you wish more people would read


Sadly, when people hear of the German author Kerstin Gier, they always think about her famous Ruby Red series when they should actually be thinking about her funnier, more thrilling series, Silver. With many, many funny dialogues, an INSANELY exciting plot and lovely characters, Silver is, in my opinion, way more fascinating than the Ruby Red series.

The fifteen year old Liv Silver moves to London, moving in with her mom’s new boyfriend and his twins, the seventeen year olds Grayson and Florence. In London, she discovers a dream corridor making it able for her to watch other people’s dreams. But how is that possible and what does it have to do with Grayson’s friends suddenly showing interest in her?

The Lady Janies: two or more authors you wish would write a book together

Personally, I’m a huge fan of¬†John Green¬†and¬†Jeanne Birdsall¬†(author of the incredible¬†Penderwicks) likewise, because they both create stories full of love, drama and laughter and would therefore make an incredible collaboration.

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    1. Yes, she wrote the silver trilogy but I’m not quite sure they translated it into English as I read it in German but I’ll check it out. It’s really worth reading and it’s waaaaay better than Ruby Red!

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  1. Thank you for doing the tag, I loved all your answers!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed A Study in Charlotte, I just got it out from the library so now i’m doubly excited to get to it!


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