Why I am obsessed with John Green

Fair question, but actually not. Probably everyone who has at least read one of his books has seen the high value of his writing, the reflection of his stories and the humor his characters have. So far I have read three books he has written (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns and Turtles all the way down) and I am deeply impressed by his writing skills.

After writing so many books as John Green surely has, he has never even once repeated his stories but always found new exciting and original characters and plots. His books contain a lot of deep thoughts, which I really loved. To be honest, I first had to adjust to his type of writing because of the long passages of inner struggles and doubts, but they really make you think about yourself.

Before I started to read John Green’s books, I had never read books of this kind – deep and thoughtful plots with a lot of psychological problems within each person – but fantasy and fiction books which do not have these characteristics. They didn’t much talk about the persons inner struggles on a level John Green does. They focused more on outer struggles such as conquering the world or rescuing it from an evil wizard. I’m not saying these sort of books aren’t as good as John Green’s – don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Percy Jackson – but they are just on a different side of literature. John Green’s literature really encourages you fight with yourself, about what is easy and what is right (“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy” by Albus Dumbledore – sorry it had to be said) and to deal with your inner struggles.

John Greens books focus less on the actual story than on the person, which is really interesting because that is not how most authors work,  not as much at least (but that’s only my point of view). Even though this is to be seen positive – in my opinion again – there is a line and he crossed it once. The book Turtles all the way down is about a girl (Aza Holmes) who struggles with herself – thoughts she is forced to think, a demon inside of her and spirals etc. – but is also trying to solve this mystery about a missing billionaire. The whole “being a detective” thing gets kind of swept under the rug by her own story and how she is trying to get this “demon” out of her. (SPOILER ALERT!!! Don’t continue reading this paragraph if you have any interest in reading turtles all the way down!!!) At the end, when they find the billionaire dead, it is not even explained why he killed himself or if he even killed himself (but I truly think so) and left his kids alone, without a message, leaving all his money to his pet. That kind of disappointed me…

But besides this one disappointment I believe John Green has great potential in writing, putting himself in another person and therefore explaining their struggles and thoughts. Every book written by him is really worth reading it!


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