Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Review

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is one of the most imaginative novels I have experienced yet. This strange novel – and by strange I mean a good strange – is perfectly added to the photographs which accompany the story. This book is as much strange as it is unforgettable because you haven’t seen anything this peculiar in your life.

It tells the story of the 15 year old Jacob who has been shown these weird and strange photos by his grandfather since being a little kid. With his grandfather being a jewish kid during the second world war and being raised in an orphanage in England, Jacob starts to believe the stories of his grandfather about these peculiar children. But with growing older, he begins to think the pictures of girls throwing a huge stone or a boy with bees coming out of his mouth are myths and his grandfather is trying to tease him.

But when he finds his grandfather dead in the forest his life is about to change… Not only seeing a monster at the crime scene but also the strange last words from his grandfather start to mess up Jacob’s life. His grandfather told him to find the bird and to go to September 3rd 1940 – but what has that to do with his death? Having nightmares about the creature he saw and being unable to get his grandfather’s last words out of his mind, Jacob leaves for the island Cairnholm alongside his father, where seventy years ago, the orphanage stood where his grandfather used to live.

But with every day on the British island, Jacob starts to lose trust in his guts: was it a wrong decision to make a trip to this deserted island trying to understand his grandfather? And why is the orphanage so destroyed and called the haunted house?     Soon he makes discoveries that are about to change his life, starting with the question: can it be possible that these peculiar children are still alive?

This story is nerve – wracking in every perspective: the photographs give you goose bumps, the characters make you smile and the story makes you want to continue… The plot makes your heart race, never the less makes you addicted. It shows the world from a different point of view, of people having to hide because of their diversity, just what we have in this world as well. It opens your eyes on how it is, to be cut off from the lives being lived without living them yourself – because of the hate in this world. It shows the tragic story of a jewish boy loosing his parents and siblings in the war and then loosing his second family as well – never understood by the family he gained along the way…

It is a MUST READ, even though it has some long pages, not as interesting as the rest… It is a series of three books and even though I loved the first book, I am quite ok with the ending and I’m not planning to continue the story!


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