The Case for Jamie – Review

What’s a WATSON without his HOLMES? It’s actually a good question if thinking of the Reichenbachfall. Watson was clearly moving on but still held on to every memory that didn’t involve anything bad about his beloved Holmes – trying to hold on to the good stuff. Not quite in this book. After the tragic ending of The Last of August, the third novel of the Charlotte Holmes Series takes place one year after.

IMG_2743Blaming Charlotte for the death and the failed plan, Jamie hasn’t talked to his best friend in over a year. He has moved on – or so it seems on the outside. New girlfriend, new dorm room after the murder of Lee Dobson and new friends. But nothing can keep him from thinking about Charlotte – good and bad. Mostly bad. She has changed him – and not in a good way. A man died, although Charlotte hadn’t killed him herself, she was responsible for letting the situation escalate. If she just had told him the truth – isn’t that what best friends are for? Or was Charlotte just using Jamie for pinning crimes on him and being her precious side kick? With strange things happening to Jamie at Sherringford he believes his enemy Lucien Moriarty is onto him again.

Charlotte is tracing down Lucien -trying to end this all in for one. But when receiving messages that Jamie is in danger, her life changes and having to face dangers coming from within the family, she goes on a mission ending with someone killed…

This book is one of the most epic stories ever. In general, I love Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, but what’s better than Charlotte Holmes accompanied by Jamie Watson? These two never bore you, whether they’re fighting over their relationship, tracing down serial killers or facing Charlotte’s drug addiction together. Although living in a totally different century, these two still resemble the old duo. The HOLMES has a drug addiction, plays the violin, doesn’t know anything about the human feelings and has one friend in total: WATSON. WATSON loves Holmes but she destroys him, he wants a normal live but deep down he loves the chase, he hates her but can’t live without her.

Brittany Cavallaro fantastically manages it to bring bribery, secrets, confusions, intrigues and love together and forms a lovely book full of humor, excitement and astonishment….

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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