A Question of Holmes – Review

I was really anxious to read the finale book of the Charlotte Holmes series, but I shouldn’t have been worried. Here are my thoughts on Brittany Cavallaro’s A Question of Holmes!

About the book:

Ready to start a normal life, Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes move to Oxford to start a precollege program – but then Charlotte is dragged into a new case. Last year’s precollege theatre performance had to be called off due to a series of mysterious accidents ending with a missing girl. Exactly, one year afterwards, the accidents start again and the missing girl’s friends are acting far from normal. Now Jamie and Charlotte are not only confronted with their relationship, with handling their past, establishing a future, but also a case that was said to be closed…

Genre: Young Adult Mystery/Contemporary

Publication Date: March 5th 2019

Pages: 304

Rating 4/5 stars

My thoughts:

The plot was far better than I would have imagined it to be. I kind of thought that the story would be finished after The Case for Jamie and had wondered if the author would have anything new and exciting – something worthy of writing the book – to tell. And she did. In fact, I enjoyed this book way more than the last one as the story was full of mystery and deduction.

I loved that this story had, in fact, two stories. The one was about the new case at the Oxford University and the other one was about Charlotte figuring out what she wanted: struggling with her past and how that might affect her future and also finding herself. The case itself was interesting and intriguing, not a mystery masterpiece, but inviting for everyone who desperately wants to know who did it.

The characters were just as brilliant as I remember them to be. Charlotte was the typical Holmes: strange, unpractical and not a social person who even struggled at being in a relationship. Jamie was, as well, the typical Watson: sweet, helpful, thoughtful and more a detective that you would have thought. The new characters were mysterious, just what was needed for the novel to keep you hooked.

The writing was, just what I remember it to be, funny. There are a lot of funny situations and the author isn’t trying too hard to come off as funny.

The atmosphere was something I especially enjoyed while reading. Oxford was described well and it was, all in all, a very springy read. I loved the descriptions of the city, the university and the atmosphere which makes Oxford Oxford and not another city.

Recommendable: Definetely!

This story was, in my opinion, way better than the third book in the series, has some surprises to it that might shock you, has a nice mystery to it and of course – most importantly – Jamie and Charlotte.

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