First Impressions: A Question of Holmes

It has been exactly one year ago since I read The Case for Jamie and I’m happy that now, finally, we get to read the last book in Brittany Cavallaro’s A Study in Charlotte series. I have read the iBooks sample and here are my thoughts on the first 34 pages!

I’m not sure where to actually start as I’m a mess right now. I’ll start at the beginning, then. I liked the opening lines, the story immediately began and there wasn’t a lot of unnecessary describing.

The story started a couple months later where book three ended, Charlotte and Jamie are starting their precollege program at Oxford and Charlotte is immediately dragged to a new case. I enjoyed that the first two chapters focused on Charlotte’s healing process, Jamie’s role in that and their new relationship.

I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed Cavallaro’s writing the first three times around and so that struck me positively. She has a very old writing style that sometimes reminds me of classic and I guess that’s what she’s trying to achieve – to resemble Sherlock Holmes. She also adds some very funny small details that display Charlotte’s way of thinking and deducting quite well which I love.

However, I’m not sure there is enough material to actually write a whole new book that is as enchanting and intriguing as the first one. I had the similar problem with the third and most recent book, The Case for Jamie, where I thought that the story wasn’t as great as the first two. I feel like this could have been a good way to end their story with everything ok, Charlotte recovering and their relationship taking off, but I guess we’ll see. Even though I have some doubts about this book, I’m still very eager to continue and very much hope that it surprises me and changes my mind!

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