First Impressions: The Gilded Wolves

I’ve finally found the time to read the books I actually want to read because I’ve actually had some free-time the past week? I am 50 pages into The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi and so here are my first thoughts!

I have developed extremely different feelings about this book: one the one hand, I really really want to know what happens next and I’m super intrigued and excited to continue.

The other side, however, isn’t as positive. The first thing that came to my attention was the writing: it’s somehow not very gripping and the introducing chapter where the characters are presented didn’t really make me hooked and overwhelmed.

The other weird thing is that this book has a total Six of Crows vibe, but somehow a cheap and not awesome version? Séverin really reminds me of Kaz and the other of the gang, but it feels kind of like Roshani read Six of Crows and loved it and now based her book on that story? I don’t know, maybe my gut turns out to be completely wrong, but that’s just my feeling.

Moreover, I feel like the world isn’t well explained: there are so many new aspects of the fantasy world that I just can’t completely grasp because things such as objects or facts are explained in one sentence and then you’re supposed to know everything after reading it once?

That’s it – I will definitely continue, matter of fact, I will put my computer down and pick up the book straight away and we’ll see how it turns out! Happy reading!

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11 thoughts on “First Impressions: The Gilded Wolves”

  1. I hope you end up enjoying this one! I must admit I wasn’t a fan of – I found it really hard to picture the magic system and, considering it’s supposed to be set in an alternate 19th century Paris I actually thought the magic system had more of a futuristic/sci-fi vibe?

    And I agree – I know some readers get annoyed when this book is compared to Six of Crows, but there are quite a lot of similarities between the characters in Six of Crows and the characters in this novel and I don’t think as many people would have picked up on it if it wasn’t also a heist novel. We all know Leigh Bardugo didn’t invent the heist novel, but Six of Crows is such a beloved YA heist novel now that it’s hard not to notice when other books have clearly been quite heavily inspired by it.

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    1. Thanks so much! And yes, the magic system is super hard to picture…. and it really has a futuristic vibe, now that you mention it…
      and I understand that people get annoyed, but it has sooo many similarities it’s hard to ignore haha
      And also I totally get you, whenever people talk about books with heists, I immediately think of six of crows….
      happy reading 🤪

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