Top Ten Tuesday: book characters I’d love to be besties with

Although I wouldn’t trade my bestie for anything in the world, this is a pretty cute idea! It’s Tuesday again and so here’s my top list of all the book characters I’d love to be besties with!

#1 Hermione from Harry Potter

It’s a cliche – but I think we’d get along great! I also study a lot, take school (too) seriously and obviously read a lot so I think it’d be a awesome friendship! I would, however, need a Harry or Ron in the trio because we can’t be serious all the time!

#2 Jane from My Lady Jane

I don’t have a lot of friends (actually no one?!) who loves to read, which is really sad sometimes because (obviously) I love chatting about books. That’s why I think me and Jane would have been the best besties ever – she’s like me. She’d rather read all the books in the world and not marry some guy like all the other girls her age. Now me: rather read than go out at night. See: besties?!

#3 Jane from The Penderwicks

Yet another Jane makes the list. She was the character I most connected with in my childhood, the one who I thought resembles me a little. She was clearly a little dramatic, loved to write and read and just reminded me so much of myself.

#4 Jesper from Six of Crows

Jesper is such a sweet guy who would laugh and just have fun with you all day and everyone needs someone like that in their life. He was just the life of the party in the duology and even though I loved the whole crew beyond everthing, Jesper was just the funniest and coolest to be around! But we can’t forget Nina here, who would also have been awesome!

#5 Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles

I’ve loved Cinder from the first page. She’s pure fun, but also courageous and would risk her life for her friends. I believe everyone is in need of a true friend and throughout the series, she has proved more than once that she would risk everything for you.

#6 Christina from The Dark Artifices

Even in the series, Cristina is pictured as the best friend possible. She’s at Emma’s side from the start and helps her throughout the whole dilemma.

#7 George from Famous Five

When I was small, all I dreamed of to be was George. I admired her fierceness and courage and also that she had a dog and a island. So yeah, it would be pretty cool to be her bestie.

#8 Elinor from Sense and Sensibility

Normally the fans of this Jane Austen novel love Marianne, but she was just always too much for me and so no bestie potential. Elinor, on the other hand is patient, sensible and rational and would be perfect!

#9 Liv from Silver

Liv is the perfect companion when you’re in the mood for an investigation. As a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, she would be the perfect addition to my Dr. Watson!

#10 The Weasley Twins!

And finally, Harry Potter‘s Weasley Twins! Everyone needs them in their lives and I would do anything to be Lee Jordan!!!

That’s my list of all the besties I’d like to have if I didn’t have the perfect one already! Happy reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: book characters I’d love to be besties with”

  1. I went for Nina from Six of Crows but Jesper is a good pick too. And weirdly- I don’t remember either of the characters from Sense and Sensibility being all that likeable for me.. but still, great list!

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    1. Ah, understandable! Nina is also a great choice, I loved her character!!!
      And I totally get what you mean, they’re not my favorites either (all of them), but I just saw Emma Thompson (from the movie) in Elinor, so I loved her haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that makes sense! Lol. I was just thinking – neither of them are really unlikeable, but I just didn’t recall finding them very likeable either. I’m guessing the movie portrayal helped with that.

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