Top Ten Tuesday: favorite things to eat/drink while reading

It’s my second week of school and my brain is already on full-power mode. Therefore, I’m happy to take this time off and participate in one of my favorite tags: Top Ten Tuesday, today with my favorite snacks while reading!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books on my TBR I’m avoiding & why

It’s Tuesday, the last school-free day for me! So let’s make this a good one! I’ll be listing all the books that are still on my TBR (and will remain there for another while) because I’m avoiding them!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I enjoyed that are outside of my comfort zone

Another week started, the first one in September and I am very happy that it’s Tuesday again! Today, I’ll be listing the books I enjoyed although I don’t usually read that genre or don’t usually like the subject! Let’s go!

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August Wrap-Up and September TBR

Am I only one out here who is freaking out about the fact that the summer is already over and never before ended so abruptly? Anyways, here’s a small overview of everything I’ve posted/read/discussed the past month of August and what my reading (and general) plans are for September and therefore my junior year of high school!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

I don’t have much time for my favorite tag (this one haha) today, as I spent the entire day with one of my best friends in Vienna and then went out for dinner with my dad! Anyways, here’s the short version!

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