Top Ten Tuesday: books that give off autumn vibes!

In my mind, I’m already in December, humming Christmas carols and eating sweets! However, as it’s Tuesday again and therefore time for my favorite tag, I’ll list all the books that give off autumn vibes whether that be the cover, the atmosphere or simply the plot!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I wish I’d read on Halloween

It’s Tuesday again and that means only two more days to the spookiest night of the year! Today’s topic is a Halloween freebie and so I came up with the topic books I wish I’d read on Halloween, meaning all the books that give you a mystery or spooky vibe and which therefore would have been perfect to read on Halloween. Aditionally, I’ll list some TBR’s of mine which I wish I could read on Halloween! Here we go!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I’d give different titles to!

Wow – this is going to be a challenge. I’m hoping to find at least five books, but some titles just match so perfectly, I hope I can find sufficient ones! I’ll also try to give the title a little spin of my own, meaning I’m going to get creative and hopefully come up with a different title!

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Top Ten Tuesday: character traits I love!

This is such a great topic for today’s Top Ten Tuesday! Here we go with my favorite character traits and the things that make me love a character! (PS all the pictures used is online fan art!)

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September Wrap-Up & October TBR

September flew by extremely fast. It was an overwhelming moth for me as I now have a complete new school system and had to adjust and process this huge change. Hence, I didn’t have much time for reading and found myself in a real reading slump – so this should be fun! Here’s my overview for September and some ideas for this upcoming month!

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