Reading update – I’m back!

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while! I graduated high school which was quite a ride: so many good byes, parties and now I am finally able to relax and never think about school ever again (until I start Uni in October). Now I am on holiday with my family and I finally have the time to continue reading. I’m back and better than ever and so first things first: here’s a reading update!

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare

Well, this is a sad story: I am about 100 pages from finishing this great book and because it is MASSIVE AND HEAVY and I only need about 10% to finish it, I have decided to not bring it along in order to save space and drag new books along with me. But: I absolutely loved it. It turns out I was absolutely wrong with my predictions about the ongoing plot, but that doesn’t matter in the least, the story development was epic, the characters as always lovable and I can’t wait to finish it!

Cassandra Clare truly never disappoints and Chain of Iron is her streak of amazing Shadowhunter novels continuing.

Conversation with Friends by Sally Rooney

I am 50 pages from finishing this and to be honest, I feel like the ending will make me sad and so I am not sure whether to continue. I absolutely devoured this novel, I loved every aspect and page of it, but now I am turning quite sentimental. If anyone has read this book, please comment whether it has a happy ending because I don’t think I can cope with a sad ending knowing it will affect me personally right now (sometimes when I read sad endings or people die in books, I can’t seperate it from my real life and get sad and I am already feeling super emotional because school ended and so I need happy endings right now:)).

Anyways: I read Normal People in January and absolutely loved it and so when I saw this novel, I immediately bought it as a pool side read. And I have to say: I am impressed – so many people commented saying “wow it’s her debut and it absolutely doesn’t feel like it” and I can’t but agree. She has an incredibly casual way of writing which I love, gets to the point, creates real-life characters and just creates the perfect comfortable atmosphere. Frances, the protagonist, is such a complex realistic person in her uni years and the other characters match the vibe perfectly! I love her relationship with Nick and Bobbi and the developing plot and to be honest: I am rooting for her and Nick to marry and so if that doesn’t happen, I am disappointed.

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

I just started this today and so I don’t really feel like writing much, not wanting to judge too early. But since it’s my blog and personal space, I shall just continue and rant: the prologue is almost 30 pages long and there is no context given whatsoever, random people that don’t appear are being described and I find it really hard to understand why they are relevant to the prologue (simply their empire and clothing…). I am, however, getting to a battle and hope that it will switch it up and pave the way for an incredible story. Since it’s Victoria Aveyard, I do have faith and hope I won’t be disappointed. But it’s supposed to have pirates and a great protagonist and so I will stop ranting now and continue reading!

That’s it: blogging again feels like home and I’m happy to be back. I will have a lot of time during the next two months and so I hope I’ll get a lot of reading done and will spend much time writing! Happy reading and a great start into August!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

6 thoughts on “Reading update – I’m back!”

  1. welcome back jane!! congratulations on graduating! that’s so excited!!
    i hope that the rest of realm breaker is better; it seems like it could be really good.
    it’s good to see you back, and good luck with starting university in the fall!! i hope that goes really well for you 🥰

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