The Queen of Nothing – Review

It was more than a year ago that I read The Cruel Prince and almost as long as The Wicked King. I waited what felt like forever to finally read the finale of Holly Black’s life-changing series. Here’s my spoiler-free review, a more detailed, spoiler one will come!


Jude has been exiled by the wicked king Cardan, forced to live in the mortal world with no one knowing she’s the legitimate High Queen of Faerie. But when her twin sister Taryn appears on her door step and desperately needs her help, she is forced to return to the world of Faerie in order to safe her sister’s life.

Facing Cardan again, Jude is not only confronted by her feelings, but also by her father, who’s planning on overthrowing the king to become the new ruler. Jude is forced to choose between her ambition and humanity as Faerie is on the brink of war. She’s forced to engage in the country’s political intrigues and and her action will shape the country’s future more than ever…

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publication Date: November 19th 2019

Pages: 305

Rating: 4/5 stars

My thoughts:

Overall, this was a phenomenal ending to one of the my most beloved series ever. And yet I am not able to rate it five stars because I have some minor criticism.

The plot is what caused that one star. While the ending is satisfactory, I did wish for more dramatic aspects because of all the build-up Holly Black caused in the first two books. The main part why this series was so thrilling for me, is because of Cardan’s unknown intentions and I feel like that aspect could’ve been written out in better ways, being more complex and more of a wow-factor. Another aspect of the plot I didn’t like where the choices Jude made, but I will get to the bottom of that in my spoiler review as I cannot talk about it without describing the actions.

Another aspect of the plot I didn’t enjoy as much were the turnouts. Sometimes Jude was very confused what to do and didn’t acknowledge the right path that lay just in front of her while I did. What I praise Holly Black for, is her plot that can’t be foreseen, yet I lacked that aspect a bit in this book.

Additionally, the political intrigues weren’t as mind blowing as in the two previous books, where they quite literally blew my mind, but those are minor aspects.

Besides the negative aspects, the plot had some wonderful blows to it that I didn’t foresee which were just what expected of Holly Black as the I non-foreseeable writer! Now to the wonderful aspects:

The characters are part of why I fell in love with this book. Jude is a precious protagonist and beside the unrealistic conditions of this book, it being a fantasy world, Jude struggles with normal inner struggles and I admire her for her strength. The other characters were just as complex, Cardan was amazing as always, but furthermore the other characters played a great political role as well, which was awesome.

Holly Black’s writing style is fantastic, she will forever be one of my favorite writers. Just like Victoria Aveyard, she has a wonderful way of creating powerful sentences that move you and make you cry which enables the book to have a special atmosphere beautifully encorperated by the world of the Fey.

Recommendable: for everyone who loves politics, fantasy or a great book in general!

So, all in all, this book wasn’t as mind blowing as the first two in the trilogy, but nevertheless a fantastic read! Maybe my criticism of the plot came off a little much, but that really were just minor issues!

I’m sad that this phenomenal trilogy is over because I will forever love Cardan and Jude! For more insight, I’ll publish a spoiler review soon so that my criticism will be cleared up! Happy reading everyone!

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13 thoughts on “The Queen of Nothing – Review”

  1. I’m currently reading The Queen of Nothing—I’m about half way through it. I’ve also found some of Jude’s decisions frustrating (not just in this book), so I would agree with you there. I’d be interested to read your spoiler review when I’ve finished to see if we share opinions 🙂

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    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy the ending! I totally get what you mean, some decisions, also in the other books, are not understandable….
      and thanks so much, I’m hoping to post soon!


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