Top Ten Tuesday: what I am thankful for!

Today is Thanksgiving, and whether you celebrate or not, it’s never wrong to say the things you are thankful for out loud. I am thankful for so many things (my family, my home and friends), but I will reduce it to the bookish aspects! Here we go!

I am thankful for this loving community

Bildergebnis für loving community

This means the world to me and so I thought I’d say it straightaway. There is so much unnecessary and hurtful hate all over the world and I am so glad and thankful that the bookish community is such a lovely and accepting one. I started my blog two years ago and I was welcomed from the start, people didn’t ignore me because I didn’t have any followers or views, but engaged in conversations because they valued my opinion. I’m not a member of any other communities, but I dare to say that I believe ours is one of the most loving and caring ones!

I am thankful for my blogger friends!

I am thankful for many many blogger friends I gained over the last two years, so I’ll list some for you to check out because their personalities (and of course blogs!) are precious!

Kaya @afictionalbookworm was my first blogger friend and I absolutely love her! We share so many opinions and have talked and talked and talked on our blogs for so many hours (with all the comments together, that must be very very much!), she’s super funny and her posts are awesome!

Sahi @myworldofbooks is someone I can have awesome chats about books everyday and we don’t get bored! She’s been one of my favorite bloggers for almost two years and I couldn’t imagine my blog without her!

Rukky @eternitybooks is a blogger I’ve known only for a short time, but I agree with her on so many levels and I absolutely love her blog! She hosts the legendary Let’s Talk Bookish every Friday and that’s always a great way to get in touch with people!

Evelyn @evelynreads has been one of my blogger friends for so long now and I’m always super happy to talk to her about different kinds of stuff and see that she commented on one of my posts makes me so happy!!!

I’m thankful for all the stories out there

Bildergebnis für writing a book

I truly am. What would we all do without the stories out there that someone thinks of and then turns into a book that brightens our day?

Reading is such a big part of my life and it just turns so many sad situations in happy ones. Reading is a great way of spending your time (apart from going out with friends, obviously!) and books can be such an enlightenment!

I’m thankful for Harry Potter

The books and the movies, likewise, shaped my childhood and I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not devoured this series. Harry Potter opened such a magical world for me and also introduced me to the world of fantasy which then developed into YA!

The characters and the Wizarding World hold such a special place in my heart and I already now know that I will never forget this series!

That’s it for today – I’m thankful for everyone of you! Happy reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: what I am thankful for!”

  1. I’m absolutely honored Jane ❤❤❤ Thank you so much love! I’m so glad that you enjoy LTB, and that we agree on so many things!! This community is amazing, and it’s really lovely to meet amazing and kind bloggers like you 💖 Happy reading!!

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  2. Lovely heartfelt post!!! I did a similar TTT today where I talked about being thankful for the bookish community. It really is such an enriching and inclusive community I’ve found <333

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