September Wrap-Up & October TBR

September flew by extremely fast. It was an overwhelming moth for me as I now have a complete new school system and had to adjust and process this huge change. Hence, I didn’t have much time for reading and found myself in a real reading slump – so this should be fun! Here’s my overview for September and some ideas for this upcoming month!

September Wrap-Up:

Yes, I took the bold step of rereading one of my childhood favorites: the series Warriors that tells the story of clan cats in the Forrest who have their own hierarchy and way of ruling and living. And some might call this childish or not at all interesting, but I immensely enjoyed myself (to my own surprise). You really have to get used to the fact that you’re reading from a cat’s perspective, by after the process of realization and acceptance, they behave just like humans. With their developed society, feelings of love, consideration and doubt and especially their way of governing – it’s quite fascinating.

After two books of Warriors, The Night Circus is officially the third and last book I read last month, tragic, I know. Anyway, this book was filled with magic and that was such a wonderful and unique experience. Never have I read a book where the atmosphere was so extremely important than it was here. This book lives through the whimsical and magical atmosphere that the writing creates. The writing is in unexplainable ways peculiar which adds to the magic and I just thought that was phenomenal. More thoughts to come when I finally write the review!

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October TBR:

I just started reading Stalking Jack the Ripper today and so far I have nothing to complain! I don’t really have specifics which I really enjoy, the only thing I really realized was the empowerment of women! The protagonist is emancipated and is trying to get away from the “typical” woman while she does what her heart desires and doesn’t do only what her society approves of. So far, I am enjoying this read and I’m excited what more the story has to offer!

As a fan of retellings, I am just beyond excited to read this one! I’ve heard such wonderful things about this book and I know so many bloggers who are also really excited to read this, so I have high expectations and hope I’ll end up enjoying it!

Last but not least, I am overly excited (and my excitement can hardly be contained) to read Leigh Bardugo’s new book Ninth House. I can’t even describe what expectations I have for this book (probably not a good trait of mine!) because she is my absolute favorite author – so: fingers crossed!

That’s it for today – I hope you enjoyed the brief wrap-up of last month’s reading and blogging situation and my short insight to what awaits me this month! Happy reading and a spooky October!

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  1. If you haven’t, I would suggest reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! Another, in my opinion, nice read! I also enjoyed the Warriors series when I was a bit younger, and look forward to the new books the Erin Hunter crew is bringing out!

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