First Impressions: The Night Circus

Immediately after writing the last Top Ten Tuesday where I listed all the books on my TBR I was avoiding, I picked up the number one – just to get rid of all the fears: and it was The Night Circus. Here are my first thoughts!

Just to provoke myself, I chose the top book I was avoiding and started reading – and it was the best choice I could have ever made.

I am currently at page 127 and this book just keeps getting better and better. I was very anxious to read this one because everyone hyped this book and sometimes that’s just too much for me – but now I definitely understand why. This book is a page turner in every imaginable way.

The book jumped right into the story, but the plot wasn’t very specific until approximately page 50. But that was the cool thing about this book. The plot, the writing and the characters are mysterious. The writing is nothing like any other book I’ve ever read – Erin Morgenstern manages to create such a whimsical and magical feeling with the words and sentences she chooses.

The first feeling I had towards this book was simply this: peculiar. And I still believe this fits. Everything is peculiar about this book – but in a unique and phenomenal way. Everything is kept a mystery, the characters and the intentions and even the main plot line remains to be discovered. There is a main plot line, but everything except that there is to be a challenge remains yet to be introduced.

Another cool aspect are the chapters: they switch in point of view, from descriptions about the Night Circus in a way that they talk to you as the reader directly, over short chapters about unknown characters in a different time period to the two protagonists Marco and Celia.

This developed into a very long first impressions post, so I’ll stop here and will get back to this book after finishing it! Happy reading until then!

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