Royals – Review

I’ve been reading Royals or now, Prince Charming for the past days and I’ve finally found the time to end it – I have mixed feelings, so this might get interesting. Here are my thoughts on Rachel Hawkins novel!


Daisy Winters was living a pretty average life as an American teenager: a summer job, plans with her bestie, nothing big. But when her big sister announces her marriage to Scotland’s prince, her life is turned upside down. “To get aquatinted”, or so her sister says, she’s forced to spend the summer in Scotland alongside the Royal family.

But not only the Queen awaits her in Scotland, but also the younger prince alongside his friends “The Royal Wreckers”, who are the life of the party. The summer in Scotland are about to become the month of the year as Daisy not only faces the interested public, but also the younger prince and his friends….

Genre: YA contemporary, romance

Publication Date: March 5th 2019

Pages: 296

Rating: 3.5/5 (or 4)

My thoughts:

As already shown in my rating, I can’t make up my mind. In general, I was totally hooked and I really wanted to know the ending, but overall, I wasn’t very happy with this book. I wanted a fun, easy and entertaining read and I definetely got that, but I’m not sure I managed to get any quality out of it.

The plot is where the drama starts. Let’s first list the positive aspects: An American teenager whose sister is engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland was a fantastic idea and that part was super enjoyable. Daisy struggled with the sudden attention and the norms and traditions of the Royal family and I loved that. Moreover, I enjoyed scenes such as a ball, a polo match and a race where Daisy was confronted with “typical royal situations”, all that was super funny and the book in general was entertaining.

However, there is not much more positive to say other than that: normally, books have a climax, there are ups and downs – here, it was a very small difference between ups and downs, but mainly it was one straight line and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. The tragic scene before the end where everything turns out great was obviously there, but it just felt faked.

And that was the problem: a lot of the plot lines felt surreal, fake and not realistic. I always had the feeling that Rachel Hawkins was nudging the characters into a certain direction which felt completely wrong and not at all adequate: some scenes were overdramatic, some of Daisy’s reactions felt weird and just all in all, it just didn’t fit.

The characters were enjoyable. Daisy was a great protagonist, she was displayed as sort of average whose world gets turned upside down. She was funny, down-to-earth and just super chill, that’s one way to describe it. The Royal Wreckers were a super hilarious addition to the book, 18 year old rich, kind of player boys just spiced up the book and caused some pretty funny scenes. I really loved Miles, he was genuine and sweet and I also like their relationship which started off as a love-to-hate relationship (just not so very dramatic, pretty basic actually).

To be honest, the characters were no literary masterpiece, but I liked them and it worked, so that’s okay. Alex (the older prince) started off being my favorite character to be honest and I loved his relationship with Daisy’s sister, Ellie, which is why I wished that there could be a little more focus on them…

The writing was awesome. Not very typical book writing, but pretty much teenager writing, easy to understand, sometimes even just like we would phrase it and I loved it. It fit perfectly, just made total sense it being Daisy’s point of view. So: big plus point for the writing!

The atmosphere was also enjoyable. Scotland could have been described a little bit more detailed, but other than that, it added a cool twist and I’m eager to visit it one day. The whole Royals vs. Ordinary people was super cool, I really loved that aspect, so also a big plus point for the atmosphere.

Recommendable: as a light/ relaxing read only.

All in all, I am very torn. The story was nothing compared to other books and the characters were nice, but not deep. The writing was fabulous and the atmosphere added a twist as well. It was a funny, entertaining read, but more than some light reading (thinking of Hermione after discovering Nicolas Flamel) is really what you should be searching for in this book.

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