Save You – Review

It’s been some time, I haven’t had any time to blog because I’m currently in Italy hiking with my family. This vacation, however, finally led to me finishing two books, so no hard feelings here. It’s taken me some time to get to the second book of Save Me, but now that I finished it, onto the third!


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Ruby’s heart is shattered after she finds James kissing a girl that isn’t here hours after they get together. She is determined to focus on Oxford and school and nothing more, keep it strictly professional and above all, ignore James. But when he tries to get her back, knowing she is the only person to really understand his problems, the death of his mother and his desire not to take over his father’s company but to travel the world instead. New problems, new drama and a lot of choices Ruby has to face this year…

Genre: Contemporary YA/Romance

Publication Date: 2018

Pages: 368

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My thoughts:

I am super torn apart about how many stars to rate this book: I was a little disappointed at first, have some small negative aspects and the weird ending to take into consideration, but on the other hand: I couldn’t stop reading. The story was so gripping, I wasn’t able to put the book down because I just had to know what was about to happened to Ruby and James next.

The plot was a little troubling for me: I was annoyed, at first, because Ruby was wining all the time and I’m not reading a book that promised a good and cheesy story to be so overdramatized. But her bad mood was over quickly, so I am willing to let that go. Another aspect I was really surprised, in a negative way, is that every character seems to fall in love this book, which is completely unrealistic and the way it’s described also super cheesy and over the top – wheel it back. My last critical point is the ending: how random?! I don’t want to spoiler anything and so let me just say this: it doesn’t fit at all to the plot, I don’t see why this turning point is necessary and I’m not sure I’m interested to know how the consequences will play out.

On to the positive aspects: I loved the continuing story of Ruby and James, it’s super cute, nothing too grand but it keeps you on your toes. Secondly, I was super surprised to see so much more of other characters. Lydia, James’s sister has a whole POV and we get to see what she deals with, her problems and how she feels about her mother’s death and her pregnancy. Ember, Ruby’s sister also gets a POV, which is awesome. I’m normally against multiple POVs because the protagonists tend to be the only characters I’m super interested in, to the extent that I care to read 30 pages of them describing their feelings, but Lydia and Ember are very complex and intriguing personalities with completely different life goals and views and they fit perfect into the story and I hope to see even more of them in the third book!

The writing and atmosphere, were just like in the first book, nothing special, but I’m okay with that. The focus here was on the story and the developing characters and I didn’t feel like this book lacked anything!

Recommendable: if you can handle some depression due to heartbreak at first, then absolutely!

Wow, yes – the start was a little slow, but the pace quickened and really picked up towards the middle and it didn’t go downhill again! The ending was surprising, but I don’t want to judge before knowing how everything plays out in book three!

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