Walking through Vienna – and its bookshops!

I haven’t had the time to write a proper entry since I’ve been away for the past week! Me and my parents went hiking in Tyrol and now me and my dad are spending the next two weeks at my grandma’s house in Vienna: and today was our first full day full of adventures!

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Bookstores + Libraries I’d love to visit – Listed!

All I wanted to do this morning is go to a great, maybe cozy bookstore and just spend hours in there going through thousands of books and then maybe end up buying one. But since I’m home and have been at my local bookstore millions of times, I can’t do that. So what’s better than to write a Listed! post with all the amazing bookstores and libraries I want to visit, whether I’ve only heard of them or actually discovered them already!

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Freud – Mini Review

So Netflix recentl released a new series called Freud and while I didn’t give it much thought at first, my mom went crazy due to the fact that it’s about the young Sigmund Freud and is set in Vienna. That might not be anything special, but since my grandmother spent a great deal of her childhood in Vienna and I’ve spent every August in our house there, since my mum was very interested in the psychologist Freud and his invention of the psychoanalysis and her best friend is a psychology professor – well, my mum and I watched the series. Long story short, here’s a mini review!

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