The Viscount who loved me – Review

It’s been a while since I’ve written a review – mainly because I’ve been reading Harry Potter again and writing a third or fourth review on a book would be a little excessive, and secondly, because all I’ve been doing is reading court rulings for my seminar paper (which was incredibly fun, no hate here!). But after watching Bridgerton Season 2 and being dumbstruck at how I could even love the second season more than I did the first, I decided it was time to read the books. I just finished the second one (yes, I started with the second – I was invested in Anthony and Kate) and loved it. Here’s my review!

I don’t believe I have to write a synopsis because the whole world has seen Bridgerton and therefore, no introductions are necessary.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The plot was fantastic. The book is very different from the series and to be honest: I loved the book more than the different plot in the series. Here, Anthony and Kate are forced to marry because Lady Bridgerton, Featherington and Danbury see them together in the garden. I loved that twist because they are forced and both of them are attracted but don’t wish to fall in love. I was, however, sad to not get to experience Edwina and Kate being Indian because I loved that in the series. Them coming to London and not knowing anyone and living with Lady Danbury, who was a schemer – was incredible. I do wished that would have been incorporated in the book. But I did read that one of the screenplay writers, who’s Indian, came up with the idea – and it’s a brilliant one!

The characters were, obviously as in the series, awesome. I love Anthony’s inner struggles, that weren’t mentioned in the series at all, but are in fact the very essence of his whole being and the reason he doesn’t want to marry a woman he loves. In general, the book went into greater detail of all the emotions going on, whereas the series only captured the attraction and the will to ignore what they have going on between them. I was, however, sad to not get the full experience of different characters as in the series: I think that’s where the series incorporated different books into one another and that’s the one aspect I wish could have been better in the books. There’s nothing about Lady Whistledown other than her letters at the start of every chapter, we don’t get to experience Pen’s and Eloise’s friendship and in general, nothing about other characters except for Kate and Anthony (and Edwina a tiny bit).

I loved the writing: Julia Quinn has mastered a very easy-to-read writing style and still manages to capture one’s attention. I loved her attention to the emotional details of Kate and Anthony and how she managed to bring across such great heartbreak and yearning!

Recommendable: to everyone who loves romance and who wishes to experience the series a bit differently!

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