First Impressions: Broken Throne

I couldn’t believe what was in my mail this morning: Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard finally arrived! I absolutely love the Red Queen Series and now I’m currently reading the collection of short stories. Here are my first thoughts!

This book started with notes by Julian Jacos on the history of Norta which I skipped after a few pages because I didn’t care. That is precisely why I don’t read the short stories accompanying a series – because they contain history lessons or notes of characters for which I have no interest in.

But after skipping these 20 pages of notes on the history of the world, the book started out great. I’m about fifty pages in and in the middle of the first short story out of six.

At first I thought I also don’t really care about Coriane Jacos, the mother of Cal, but this story is really growing on me. It shows her youth and how she meets the future king. It’s really cool to be able to get to know her because Cal often spoke of her during the original series, as well as Julian. Another great aspect is that we get to know the young Elara, the evil queen marrying the king after Coriane’s death -which I’m really dreading, she’s a great protagonist.

I’m hoping to see Mare, Cal and Maven throughout the book, but the titles of the other short stories sound promising. I’m not a fan of short stories, but so far it’s been an enjoyable read and so I’m eager to continue.

Victoria Aveyard’s writing style is something I always loved and so I’m happy to read a work of hers again. She has a very modern, yet complex writing with a lot of powerful phrases which I always adore. With Leigh Bardugo, she’s definetely my favorite author just because of the writing style.

That’s it for first impressions, Im eager to continue and then write a proper review afterwards! Enjoy your day!

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14 thoughts on “First Impressions: Broken Throne”

  1. I’ve only seen one other review for this and the blogger wasn’t crazy about the short stories. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying it! I want to give it a try!

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