May Wrap-Up and June TBR

The last few weeks have been the fastest month ever and I can’t believe we’re almost half through 2019. Here are my updates and the books I’m excited to read this month!

May Wrap-Up

The first book I reread this month was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and once again, I immensely enjoyed it. I had no idea and no huge expectations for the second time around, but the overwhelming feeling was there again and I’m really happy I chose to reread my less favorite books in this series. I love them as well, but I didn’t have the immediate urge to read them again, which I had after reading the third and fourth!

I also read the first short story in Broken Throne which was a pleasant surprise. Mainly because I hate short stories and avoid them at all costs, but made an exception for Red Queen because I adore Mare, Cal and Maven. The first short story started a little slow, but really picked up its pace and was great! (It’s about Cal’s mother!!!). I stopped reading the second one, tho, about Farley, because it was an insight to something that was relevant in the original series, but I didn’t really care how it had been done, so I stopped reading, will continue at some point, tho.

I also had the chance to finally read the long awaited ending of Kevin Brooks’s iBoy, which was mind-blowing. I overall really enjoyed this book and I’m immensely happy my teacher chose this one instead of The Circle. I was really skeptical throughout the first thirty pages because the idea of a boy being hit by an iPhone and then avenging his friend and reinstating peace is highly unusual, but the whole concept is great and I loved it!

I also started rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which used to be my least favorite book in the series. Now, five years later, I realized that I was just unappreciative and was criticizing its slow pace, but the details the stuff are what makes this series so special. So, conclusion: I am in love with this book once more and can’t wait to continue.

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June TBR

I’m really excited to continue my Harry Potter Marathon and chose to read Goblet of Fire next!!! I love this book because the tournament is sooo epic, but I’m so uncomfortable reading about the stress between Harry and Ron, I hate that. So I’m kind of torn, because obviously the Golden Trio is at its best together, but I still love this book.

I’m also hoping to finally get around to those books I bought in London, which I was really excited about but didn’t have the chance to start yet. Circe was the one book I didn’t plan to buy but the cashier said it’s her favorite, so I obviously got it as well.

I’ll stop right here because I won’t stick to my TBR list no matter what I write here, I’m a very moody reader! That was my throwback to May and a tiny outlook for June, I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

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