Top Ten Tuesday: the reasons why I love my favorite books!

I just had my Faust exam and I’m super happy to finally have it off my back and to actually say: that wasn’t too bad! Not the best essay ever written, but the exam ones rarely are (at least in my case!). It’s time for another tag and today’s theme was the reason I love… and I chose my favorite books: they’re loved all over the world, but everyone has slightly different reasons or sees the potential in different aspects, so here are the ultimate reasons why I love my favorite books!

#1 Harry Potter – the Wizarding World Wizarding World Harry Potter - Diagon alley, Maxi ...

Of course, the plot and the characters are truly awesome and a blessing to discover throughout the seven books, but the Wizarding World is what really makes Harry Potter special for me: I am TOP FAN for the Hogwarts class scenes, the daily lives of wizards, Diagon Alley, Quidditch and just everything that is connected to this magical and detailed world. Being able to picture a fictional world has never been easier than while reading these books and the accuracy and love that went into the creation is mind-blowing.

#2 The Penderwicks – the strong family bond

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a ...

While I absolutely adore every aspect of the first three (and also four, but the first three were prime) Penderwicks books, the strong family bond is what sets them apart from other children’s books and even other stories in general. The family members might argue (like Jane and Skye), might be mad at another member, but their loyalty, trust and love is unconditional and makes for a truly remarkable and touching story that will leave an impact and a impression on you, no matter how old you are.

#3 Shadowhunters – the characters and their connections!

The characters of every Shadowhunters series was the very best aspect: I loved their interconnections, their reappearances, their romance and love triangles and very complex structures. I feel like Cassie Clare truly developed as a writer from The Mortal Instruments up to Queen of Air and Darkness and Chain of Gold because her characters are more human-like: deeper, more complex and thought-through and every character is unique.

#4 Six of Crows – the pace and uncertainty!

Six of Crows (English Edition) eBook: Leigh Bardugo: ...

I have to admit that the complex and intriguing characters are part of my favorite aspect as well, but I thought this would be more fun to explain: Six of Crows is fast-paced from the very first to the very last page. Kaz never stops scheming, the heist never stops and action is guaranteed. Accompanied by this fast pace, there is the uncertainty about what will happen next because Leigh Bardugo will surprise you with twist and turns, shocking outcomes and unpredictable actions.

#5 The Lunar Chronicles – the Rampion Crew!

Rampion crew | Wie monde so silbern, Bücherwurm, Chronik

I mean, yes, we all loved the cyborg story and Luna being a different planet where a whole dynasty lives on – but we all went crazy for the crew. From polar-opposite character traits, love quarrels and jokes – The Lunar Chronicles had everything and Cinder was an awesome protagonist and leader to the Rampion Crew!

#6 My Lady Jane – the matchless humor!

My Lady Jane Buch von Cynthia Hand versandkostenfrei bei

The plot and the characters was fantastic, but it all leads back to the humor: the story wouldn’t have been as brilliant, had it not had the jokes and irony and the characters wouldn’t have been just as remarkable had it not been for the constant jokes one character pulled… And of course, G as a horse was the ultimate laughter and the cherry on top to make My Lady Jane so very unique.

#7 Red Queen – the rebellion, revolution and the politics!

Red Queen (English Edition) eBook: Victoria Aveyard: ...

I mean we all loved Cal and Mare, Evangeline and the rest of the twisted and complicated characters, but the rebellion and description of the slow change of government to become a new nation of equality and without discrimination was extraordinary and what made Red Queen such a success. The political aspect full of diplomatic conferences and intrigues, backstabbing and scandals was too much for me to handle – I wasn’t able to stop reading, I just had to know more and more!

#8 Silver – the characters through and through!

Gier, K: Dream a Little Dream Silver Trilogy, Band 1: ...

The whole dream-aspect of the Silver Trilogy made me read the books more than ten times, but the characters were my ultimate crush: Liv is an extraordinarily funny and relatable protagonist, the new Patchwork situation makes up for some additional faves (Grayson all the way) and the boy gang is too much to handle. Anyone who is in need of a high school story: read this.

#9 The Folk of the Air – the intrigues & power plays!

The Folk of the Air (3 book series) Kindle Edition

The Folk of the Air trilogy was the story that had the BIGGEST number of power plays and political intrigues in history: backstabbing, false promises, mind changes, actual stabbing and poison. No page was ever boring.

Wow, so close to the end and I can’t think of a tenth favorite book – that’s embarrassing. Anyways, tell me what your favorite books are, if we have any in common and what your favorite aspects are – comment! Happy reading!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: the reasons why I love my favorite books!”

  1. So, can I scream about the Penderwicks a little more? Because I love those books so much, and the strong family bond is definitely a big part of that! I also agree that with Six of Crows, the pace and uncertainty definitely makes the book so amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Never – the Penderwicks are the absolute best series in the world!!!! So wholesome 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
      And I’m super happy you agree with six of crows 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. SAAAAAMEEE!!! I’m currently rereading Goblet of Fire and I’ve realized that as long as I’m rereading HP, I have nooo urge to read and discover something new haha!


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