Throne of Glass – Review

I can’t believe I have just finished my first ever Sarah J. Maas book. Everyone keeps talking about her, how great her books are, how nobody can pronounce her names and I can completely understand – I loved Throne of Glass. Here are my thoughts!

About the book:

Celaena has been given the opportunity of her life time: after spending one year in the most cruel prison ever, the 18 year old assassin has been given the chance by crown prince Dorian to regain her freedom if she wins the king’s competition to find him a new royal assassin. Determined not to be sent back to prison if she fails, she must train with the Captain of the Guard, Chaol, everyday to beat her opponents: ruthless killers, thieves and deserted soldiers. But when her opponents turn up dead – killed in the most barbaric ways – she must not only win the competition, but must also find the killer before he can pick her as the next victim. The young assassin must find her way in a kingdom ruled by a tyrant who might be her next employer, must prove herself against cunned killers and must find the murderer who seems to play a bigger game…

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Publication Date: August 12th 2012

Pages: 406

Rating: 5/5 stars

My thoughts:

I loved this book. I’m so glad I finally started the series everybody keeps talking about! It’s really worth it.

The plot was incredibly. It proved itself to be deeper and more promising every page, starting with a simple competition to intrigues, magic and other worlds. Although I did have high expectations to start with due to the fact that she is almost everyone’s favorite author, the book really surprised me. I was really looking forward to the competition, but never had I thought that there would be so many side stories and other main aspects that are so amazingly combined. I just loved the complexity of it all.

The characters were a whole different level. I loved Celaena because she’s just the living example (in the literary world) that you can’t give up. She’s immensely strong for what cruelty she suffered in her childhood and I had to remind myself that she’s only eighteen a couple of times.

I really really really loved Chaol. I think he’s my new favorite male character. For some reasons, I really liked him more than Dorian because he isn’t as obvious about his feelings and he’s kind of shy, guarded and reserved. Am I the only one rooting for Celaena and Chaol instead of her and Dorian? (Probably no one as I’m the last one to be reading this series.) Don’t get me wrong, I also liked him, I just thought his character hasn’t had much development and isn’t as deep and unique as Chaol’s.

The writing was good, yet not enormously great. This book wasn’t a book where I thought the writing was outstanding and the reason I want to keep on reading and exploring it. But it’s not a huge dislike, so not too dramatic.

Recommendable: Definetely!

I just loved the story, the characters and the depth of the story. I’m incredibly excited to continue with this series as I have absolutely no clue what will await me in Crown of Midnight.

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