First Impressions: Crown of Midnight

For the time being, I put down Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in order to continue with the Throne of Glass series, something I should have done long ago! I’m more than 150 pages into the second book, so you can’t really call it first impressions, but here are my thoughts!

I have to admit I was a tiny bit skeptical at first: I wasn’t sure whether I liked Celaena because she’s just a tiny bit too flirty for me sometimes. But then as the book continued, I really came to love her again! Secondly, I didn’t really remember thaaaat much about the first book, so at approximately 30 pages, I had to read a spoiler review to remember all the depths: and remember all the awesome details I’d forgotten about the magic and other kingdoms and heirs and everything that wasn’t connected to the competition of becoming the King’s champion!

I’m really obsessed with the book right now, I desperately want to see how it develops and how the plot continues and can’t imagine what twists and turns await me on my journey!

I do have to say that there are some plot twists I think will come that I can easily predict, but they haven’t happened yet so we will have to wait and see if the books disappoints a tiny bit or if I’m terribly in over my head – we shall see.

What I don’t understand: everyone is shipping Dorian and Celaena but I love Chaol?! I’ve been told that Dorian really develops and that everyone loves him at the end, but as for right now, I can’t really see why… I mean he’s not bad, it’s just that Chaol appears so much more caring and with more of a personality and I like the way they treat each other…. So we’ll see how this turns out as well…

That’s it for right now: I can’t wait to continue and finally get answers to the ton of questions already forming in my head. Happy reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Crown of Midnight”

  1. Wow you are reading my favorite series 😍😍😍
    Chaol definitely is the one who has the most rocky character arc, and if you already like him a lot, you’re in for some pain 😜😜😜
    I did love Dorian since the beginning but I agree that his character develops so much more in the later books.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll say after you finish this 😃😃

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