The Raven Cycle – Review

The world of book bloggers is basically torn apart: one half loves The Raven Cycle, the other half hates it. And then there are bloggers like me who can’t really make up their mind about this series. Here are my thoughts on Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle!

Blue has always been told that one day, she will cause her true love to die. That means for her to never fall in love, ever, and to hope that her destiny will somehow change. Growing up in a family of fortune tellers and not being one herself, Blue has felt out of place more than once. All she can do is make the power of others stronger. That is why she must accompany her mother every year to watch the soon-to-be-dead arrive at the graveyard. Which is not all too fun: because she never sees them. But this year, a boy emerges and speaks directly to her; Gansey. Knowing that this can only mean she will be the cause of his death, Blue is determined to stay away from him. But soon she finds herself entangled in the search of an old king together with Gansey and his friends Ronan, Adam and Noah. What starts out as a game could mean more to her that she would have ever imagined…

My Thoughts:

Let’s start with the positive ones: I really loved Gansey, Blue and her family. Maggie Stiefvater created mysterious, humorous and generous characters to fall in love with.

Gansey is a lovely character. That sums it up. He doesn’t care about his money or the status of being Richard Gansey III. I love his orange Camaro and the fact that he is obsessed with Glendower (the king), his books and devoured to his friends. And the fact that he calls himself “Gansey” is super cool, let’s be honest.

Blue is an incredible protagonist. She doesn’t give a crap about what other people might say about her behind her back, nor does she care about money or status. She does her own stuff, minds others and stays true to herself. She even designs her own clothes. I don’t think she wears my style but the thought itself is pretty cool.

Blue’s family caused about a hundred laughters throughout the series. Living with only women can be tough, as displayed here. But what else do you need when you have a loving and supportive family?

Another positive aspect was the plot throughout the series. I loved reading about the search of Glendower and how they slowly but steadily made their way through myths to discover truths. The plot also contained a important side story involving Ronan which I’m not going to spoil because it’s great great great.

I also loved the many little side stories that made up the books and all contributed to the main story – finding Glendower and Blue’s struggle of the true love that she will cause to die.

Although this post might seem like I’m praising the books, here are some factors that caused me to not finish the fourth book:

The books were incredibly slow. I didn’t right away notice because I desperately wanted to know how the story continues but after Blue and Gansey hadn’t met after 250 pages I started to get a little squirrelly. I was extremely bored when Maggie Stiefvater went on and on about Ronan and Adam, but mostly Adam, when Blue and Gansey were the ones I was interested in! Don’t get me wrong, Ronan is hilarious and his chapters didn’t torture me as much as Adam’s, but they dragged on a little!

What I’m trying to say is that Maggie Stiefvater could have put important events in three or four chapters maximum instead of dragging them on and on until these events turn out to be the length of ten chapters! I am normally okay when books are a little slower, but not when nothing relevant to the story happens.

Another annoying side fact is that I hate Adam. In my opinion, he has nothing lovable, nothing special and nothing interesting. His actions and thoughts, also towards Blue when they were together or had recently broken up, were annoying. I can’t describe just how much he drove me crazy. And that is sad because I quite loved the other characters!

As a summary: I loved the original idea of the book and many of the characters were great and enjoyable, but all in all, the books were just too slow for me, and I hated Adam. So I would say Three Stars for The Raven Cycle!

I hope you enjoyed this review and that I was understandable because sometimes when I’m caught up in emotions, I tend to write stuff nobody later understands! Have a great day!

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