Bookish Academy Awards 2019

I saw this cool tag over at Sahi’s blog (definetely go check it out) and since I’m a huge fan of movies as well (I mean, who isn’t, right?), I thought this would be a creative idea!

Best Actor – Best Male Protagonist

Can we please all agree that Leigh Bardugo has created an angel with Nikolai? He is extremely funny and I can’t wait to read King of Scars after reading Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone where he was an incredible plus point for the whole series! I don’t think I would have liked Shadow and Bone as much as I do now without Nikolai!!!

Best Actress – Best Female Protagonist

Anyone who denies that Cinder didn’t strike you as the most amazing, fantastic and incredible character ever has clearly lost his mind! I can’t picture my previous life (aka every minute before December of last year) without this great series and the big bunch of amazing characters, protagonists as well as supporting. Marissa Meyer really has created a masterpiece!

Best Cinematography – Best Plot Twist

Anyone who denies having gasped at the end of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen has lost his mind (again, a lot of mind-losing)! I am usually a little disappointed when authors try and create a immense plot twist because there are always some indications, especially when you read a lot of fantasy and also in general because you are experienced, but this plot twist had me gasping and losing my mind because it was EPIC!

Best Costume Design – Best Book Cover

I just love all three of the Shadow and Bone covers because of the colors and textures and illustrations, but I feel Siege and Storm‘s cover is the most exquisite one and so I chose this one!

Best Supporting Actress and Actor – Best Female and Male Supporting Characters

Let’s go with Draco for the Male supporting character, because let’s face it: he’s awesome. I know JK Rowling said that Draco is not a good person and that people only adore him because of Tom Felton (and yes, that’s partly true), but shouldn’t we forget that in the end, he choses the right side and that his and Harry’s son are besties?

We can’t go wrong with Queen Levana here, can we? Technically, she is one of the main characters because obviously, she’s the villain, but because she’s not on the Rampion Crew, why not choose her?!

Best On-Screen Kiss – Best Couple

Emma and Julian? Clary and Jace? Alec and Magnus? Simon and Isabelle? Marc, Kieran and Christina? Queen of Air and Darkness firmly screams couple goals! But in the end, I’ll go with Emma and Julian because they simply are amazing. End of discussion.

Best Original Screenplay: Most unique Plot/World

Isn’t there only one answer? Harry Potter?! I mean: who does not think about the letter from Hogwarts every time you see an owl or mourn Hedwig when spotting a white one? Or wish you had the Knight Bus when your double-decker bus is extremely slow? PS: this is the original small (or actually gigantic) version of Hogwarts at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios in London!

Best Adapted Screenplay – “Best Book-to-Movie Adaption” or “A Book that should be adapted into a Movie”

The best book-to-movie adaption is once more quite obvious, isn’t it? Btw, this is one of my favorite pics haha because when is Snape ever hugging them?

I think Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows would make the perfect adaption because the characters are so unique and the story is so fast plotted and the the world and the GrishaVerse would be absolutely fantastic!

And we must not forget Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen which I would also die for!

Best Animated Feature – Best Children’s Book

I know, you can still read The Penderwicks at age 15 or 17 or with your kids, but because it’s originally a Children’s Book, let’s at least make it the best one! I love this incredible family with their humor and their story and on top of all: their unconditional love, loyalty and support for their family!

Best Director – A Writer you discovered for the first time

I had always heard of the name Holly Black when I read Cassandra Clare because they wrote a series together and some books are even dedicated to her, but when I read The Cruel Prince this September, it was the first book I had ever read from her! And it was worth it!

Best Short Film – Best Short Book

It’s not particularly a short book but with its 300 pages, Christina Lauren’s Roomies was one of the shortest books I read in 2018! I really liked this book because it’s set in NYC and covers many many topics like self doubt and dreams and therefore it’s the perfect book to take with on a small vacation or to read on a rainy day!

Best Picture – Best “Stand-Alone”

I cannot praise Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give enough because it deserves this much attention! I am so glad I read this book because it opens your eyes. PS: I’m currently writing something for a Poetry Slam in English Class with a friend on this topic!

Best Documentary – Best Historical Fiction

How this book has made me laugh! I’m not a huge fan of historical books because I sometimes can’t relate to the stories or characters and it all just feels strange and far away, but My Lady Jane was just pure perfection!

Best Soundtrack- Best Book in Verse

The Poet X is literally the only book in written in poems I have ever read! To be honest, it was strange and weird at first but it really completed the story and was the only way that felt right to write this story!

Best Diverse Film: Best Book with Diverse Representation

OMG it actually just occurred to me that I have not read a diverse book in ages and therefore can’t remember one spontaneously and so I chose Crooked Kingdom because the protagonists are from all over the world: From Ravka, Kerch, Fjierda, Shu Han and Novyi Zem.

Those were all the categories, I hope you enjoyed this more creative post! Have a great day and a great week!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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