September Book Haul 2018

October has already and so it’s a little late to be doing a September Book Haul but I bought absolutely great novels this month and so I decided to share this with you!

I bought exactly the same amount of books as last month, more precisely five. I read four of them already and also liked them, but one is still on my TBR list.

The Books I read (in chronological order if anyone cares):

Caraval is probably my least favorite of these month’s books although it was great as well. But I just felt more connected to the other books to be honest and so this is not on my favorite book shelf.

The Cruel Prince was an awesome book, all in all, and I can’t wait for the sequel’s arrival on my doorstep. However, the start was a bit lame, outstretching the scenes and the introduction  to the world of Faerie and why humans are treated badly.

Truly Devious was one of the first mystery books I’ve ever read, aside from A Story in Charlotte and therefore I was quite happy to start with a great book. Again, nothing much happened at the start and all together, the book was a bit slow and wasn’t that action packed as some other books I read, but I still enjoyed it very much!

My Lady Jane is by far the best book I’ve bought in September and the best book I’ve read these two month, so September and the few days of early October. This book is definitely on my favorite bookshelf and I read it again 100%!

Books I haven’t read yet:

Legendary, the sequel to Caraval is the only book bought in September that I haven’t read yet and only because I kept wanting to read books on my TBR which fascinated me more than Legendary. However, I will definetely read this book as I am still eager to explore the ongoings of Caraval some more.

So, these are all the books I bought in September, I hope you enjoyed this little post!



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