Top Ten Tuesday: Most anticipated releases of the second half of 2019

Wow, that’s a long title! It’s Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing: Time for another Top Ten Tuesday post, which is by far my favorite book tag! Today I’m listing the books I’m most excited about which we get to read as soon as it’s finally July!!!

#1 The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black – Nov 19th

It’s so incredible that we get the third book so soon after The Wicked King being released only this January. I fell in love with this world, the characters, the intrigues and the changing loyalties after The Cruel Prince and Holly Black hasn’t yet ceased to amaze me. What I often feel sad about is that after a while, when you have read a tons of books, you can often predict the twists and turns or even the ending – but not with Holly Black. Cardan still remains a secret to me and I have literally no clue how this series could end. These characters truly drive me crazy.

#2 Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo – Oct 1st

I know Leigh Bardugo explicitly said This isn’t a Young Adult book and so I’m not quite sure if I want to read it, but the main aspects why I don’t often read adult literature is because the protagonists are too old for me and I therefore can’t relate or don’t care about their problems – it’s harsh but true. But since this book feature the 20 year old Alex (only some tiny years difference) being offered a scholarship at YALE (like OMG), this sounds like a very promising, mysterious book + it’s Leigh Bardugo, so count me in!

#3 Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell – Aug 27th

I really loved Rainbow Rowell’s novel Fangirl and I still have to read Eleanor & Park and now there’s a new one? This story about two seasonal best friends on a pumpkin patch is the perfect autumn contemporary story everyone needs and I’m super excited to dive into that one! By the way: the cover looks super awesome, doesn’t it?

#4 Twice in a blue moon by Christina Lauren – Oct 22nd

I really enjoyed Roomies by Christina Lauren and so I thought I’d put this new contemporary book on my list! I’m not a huge contemporary fan because I need action and suspense in books rather than comedy and everyday problems, but some cheesy stories are necessary in life and I like this author, so why not read the books to come down sometimes?

Tragically, I am only looking forward to four books for 2019! But there are some veeeeeery exciting releases in 2020, so I’ll put them on the list as well!!!!

#1 Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare – March 3rd

Who thought that we’d be rewarded with a BRAND NEW SHADOWHUNTERS SERIES so soon after Queen of Air and Darkness? It’s still too late tho, I just want to have it right now. This series, set in Edwardian London, featuring Carstairs, Herondales and forbidden love? AAAAAAAAHHHH. This series will be awesome.

#2 Nikolai Duology Nr 2 by Leigh Bardugo

Sadly, there is absolutely no information concerning this book, but it will be awesome. I love Nikolai, I mean, who doesn’t? And it’s brilliant that there will be another book full of his humor and cool quotes. Yes.

#3 My Calamity Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

The legendary Calamity Jane gets a better ending to her story.

That’s all it says. Yay. I’m super excited for My Lady Janies Number 3. I absolutely loooooved My Lady Jane, the humor is intense – the most hilarious book I’ve ever read, hands down! I wasn’t a huge fan of My Plain Jane, but really hope that this book will be better than the second one and who knows? I’ll read it anyways, so we’ll see!

Those are all the books I’m looking forward to, it’s not much, I have to read some new series soon, that’s for sure- but I’m therefore double (and triple) excited for the anticipated books on my list! I hope you enjoyed this (incomplete) post and have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I’m excited for Twice in a blue moon too 😃😃😃 And I didn’t realize Calamity Jane was coming this year…. Awesome list !!!

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