Rereading My Lady Jane – Review

Well, I’ve reread My Lady Jane – one of my absolute favorite books in the world! The reason I reread it at this point of time was in preparation (and honor mostly) for My Calamity Jane, which was just released. So, here are my thoughts the second time around and things might or might not have changed! Additionally: this will not be a “normal and formal” review, but more of a favorite/new aspects list!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Yes: just one thing changed. I rated it a 4.5/5 instead of the full five-stars program and here’s why!

The one very tiny tiny thing I disliked about this book was the fact that the authors seemed to weasel themselves out of uncomfortable situations plot-wise by simply letting Jane and Edward turn into their Edian form. I hadn’t realized this when I first read it over three years ago, but that really bothered me. I’ve read so much more books over that period of time, so many treasured classics and renowned works that this simple weaseling really annoyed me. Jane and Edward both were in a life-threatening situation and instead of building up tension and having a clever way to solve the problem, in a simple one-page-action, both of them willed to become Edian, turned and therefore escaped the danger.

Enough with the raging, every other aspect was AWESOME; so here’s a brief list with all my favorite aspects!

  1. The humor: well, that was very obvious. There is humor in everything, the characters are so funny, make funny remarks and then share funny thoughts with the reader that make you BURST OUT LAUGHING.
  2. The book titles: omg, I had forgotten how I enjoyed the booktitles. Pure fantasy and imagination, volumes one to three, great attention to detail – they lighten up the mood. And Jane reads some very boring books, I might add.
  3. The authors’ comments: from altering the story, to commenting to characters’ actions, explaining the history-related different customs to readers of the 21st century – pure laughter. I have never read a book where authors comment things like this, where they speak to the reader as the storyteller: but I love it, it was a great unique point of the book!

To really demonstrate the absurd book titles, here are a few to your delight!

The Unabridged History of the Beet in England: Volume Five

Wilderness Survival for Courtiers

The Formation of Mountains and the Balance Achieved in Valleys: a Theory of Edian Magic in the Mundane World

Herbs and Spices Indigenous to the Spanish Highlands: Volume Two

Famous Steeds of England in the Fourteenth Century

Book titles mentioned in My Lady Jane

Recommendable as a reread: for sure!

Absolutely: pay attention to the funny book titles and author comments and enjoy this gripping story full of humor and lovely characters!

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