Let’s Talk Bookish: book fandoms!

I missed out on doing the tag yesterday and so it’s a day late, but I decided to write it anyways because today’s topic seems fun! It’s all about book fandoms – I’ll discuss what being part of a fandom means for me, explain the ones I’m part of and then discuss the upsides and downsides! As always, Let’s Talk Bookish is hosted by the amazing Rukky @Eternitybooks!

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Review

In a wave of sadness to be stuck at home and not being able to go on my planned trip to London this week, I decided to reread Harry Potter, this time my favorite, Prisoner of Azkaban. Here are my thoughts on rereading it and thereby finishing my Harry Potter Rereading Marathon!

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Taking the “rather difficult” Harry Potter quiz + tag along!

First of, I have been absent for some time, home schooling has been super overwhelming, and so here I am still in the middle of Chain of Gold and with no spare time, but this cute quiz you can tag along!

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I decided to try out the Just a rather difficult Harry Potter quiz. Here are the questions and answers, so feel free to tag along here and do the quiz yourself and let’s look at my results later!

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Top Ten Tuesday: character traits I love!

This is such a great topic for today’s Top Ten Tuesday! Here we go with my favorite character traits and the things that make me love a character! (PS all the pictures used is online fan art!)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

I don’t have much time for my favorite tag (this one haha) today, as I spent the entire day with one of my best friends in Vienna and then went out for dinner with my dad! Anyways, here’s the short version!

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July Wrap-Up and August TBR

This year has been moving so incredibly fast that I can’t believe we’re already heading into August. This means: a month of sun, happiness and fun – and I’m so ready for that! Here is my wrap-up of last month’s books and a little sneak peek into my TBR list for August!

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