Let’s Talk Bookish: book fandoms!

I missed out on doing the tag yesterday and so it’s a day late, but I decided to write it anyways because today’s topic seems fun! It’s all about book fandoms – I’ll discuss what being part of a fandom means for me, explain the ones I’m part of and then discuss the upsides and downsides! As always, Let’s Talk Bookish is hosted by the amazing Rukky @Eternitybooks!

What I consider a “book fandom”

Well, there are different ways to be part of a book fandom and I don’t think there’s a real way of deciding whether you’re part of one or not. I think the most important question to answer here is whether you love a certain book and have interest in the characters, the author, any websites or fan art related and if so, you’re part of a fandom, at least from my point of view. I don’t think it requires going to every event, owning cups, clothing items or certain other fan things to be part of a fandom, loving the book and loving to talk and discuss it is enough.

Fandoms I consider myself to be a part of

The most obvious fandom I would consider myself part of is the Harry Potter fandom: I follow JK Rowling on Twitter, I follow HP memes/facts on Instagram, I’ve read and watched all the books/movies several times and could do so for the rest of my life. I love exploring Pottermore, know my house (dedicated Gryffindor) and visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

The next fandom I consider myself to be part of is the Shadowhunter fandom: I’ve read all the books, own a signed copy of Queen of Air and Darkness, love the fan art, follow Cassandra Clare on social media and have a weakness for her quotes.

The last fandom would be the GrishaVerse fandom because I loved Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone . I follow Leigh Bardugo on Twitter and Instagram and could read SoC more than 100 times before ever getting bored!

Upsides to being part of a fandom

Being part of a group always feels part of being a team, and in general, the book community is a very loving and welcoming one. And therefore, being in a fandom feels like being welcomed in a loving friend group where everyone shares the same interest and you can talk for hours!

Possible downsides to being part of a fandom

It could be, however, that some people have other criteria concerning what it means to be part of a fandom and then don’t welcome others who don’t have as much fan items or don’t go to events but instead just have the same love for the book – so the intensity of being dedicated might not be the same, but the shared love is. That could be a possible reason for some people to be hesitant whether they’re part of a fandom or not, but for me, the love for the book is all that matters and then you can consider yourself to be part of a fandom!

Well, that was fun! Tell me, what do you consider the criteria of being part of a fandom and what fandoms are you part of? Happy reading!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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