Random thoughts ft. me reading the Harry Potter series for the third time, cooking and living my best life!

Well, I was in the mood to write something and so here’s a super random post featuring my current reading/life situation + Harry Potter all the way!


What is Easter and Why Christian Do Celebrate In 2020

First of all, for all of you celebrating: Happy Easter! And for the ones who don’t: happy spring! I’ve spent the weekend at my aunt’s house with my mum and my cousin social distancing. My aunt did hide some eggs (I know I’m 17 but quarantine is making me desperate and so I had fun), I ate at least three pieces of cake, a whole Ben&Jerry’s (Netflix & Chilll’d, Salted Caramel Brownie and Peanut butter Cookies, yes it was excessive) and I spent the days sun-tanning.

Harry Potter Rereading Marathon Part 2?!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Painting at PaintingValley.com | Explore ...

Last year, I had the major idea to create my own reading marathon (because I can’t keep up with the real ones, sadly) and so I started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and then realized I craved more. So I (stupidly) made my way down until I reached Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – so I read four of the seven books and then stopped because I discovered some new books. Reading those four books, I had the time of my life.

I’ve always wanted to reread Prisoner of Azkaban, but never could as I only own the book in German (I’ve stopped reading books in German after primary school so that was not an option). And so last week, I took the bold step and ordered it online and read it in two days, so I was obviously having fun: I normally don’t read books that fast. But then the book was over, the ending bittersweet because I was thrown out of the Wizarding World again. So there was only one reasonable answer: start a Harry Potter Rereading Marathon, part two this time! And I did skip book four because I’ve never been able to handle the protagonists fighting over a long period of time (I’m a harmony freak) and so I am now in the middle of Order of the Phoenix and LOVING EVERY WORD!!!

Album of the week: After Hours – The Weeknd

Tracklist veröffentlicht: THE WEEKND teilt Details zu „After Hours ...

Is anyone else going CRAZY for this album?! I loved Blinding Lights when it first came out and now (well not super recently, but 2020 – I’m always late…) the whole album dropped and every song is bomb?! My four faves are Hardest to Love, Heartless, In Your Eyes and Save Your Tears – they’re such a mood, relaxed and kind of make me miss the chilled summer… And btw, have any of you noticed that Blinding Lights sounds EXACTLY like Take On Me by a-ha?!

I’ve also jumped on the cooking & baking hype!

The most recent thing I “cooked” was this salad for dinner for me and my parents. It consists of small-cut beef, baked sweet potatoes, zucchini and carrots, chopped onions and fresh tomatoes and then as a final touch: feta cheese sprinkled on top!

The second “cooking” experience was the brunch with my two best friends (we’re neighbors and so it’s super convenient). I contributed the chocolate-covered strawberries and some homemade ice tea! My one best friend then made shrimp tacos and caprese and we also had some banana bread (but that was her moms!). This brunch was probably my favorite day of quarantine (it had some karaoke and the movie Monte Carlo after!)

My one best friend is doing a cooking challenge with her two brothers and her brothers girlfriend and when it was her turn, she asked me to help (thank God, we had to cook for eight people!). She made shrimp-tacos, sweet-potato fries, green beans wrapped in bacon and then a chocolate soufflé with ice cream, a salted caramel sauce and chocolate-covered strawberries and it’s fair to say it was the best home-cooked meal I ever had!

Now I have to do this appreciation post for my dad because he baked a cheese cake without the store having flour (so he had to buy whole wheat and grind it himself) and then improvise and buy the candles “4 6 7” because they didn’t have a 1 – get it, 17 haha! Thanks dad, the cake was awesome!

Well, that’s it – sorry for the food spam! Tell me: how’s your current life, reading, music and food situation? Feel free to comment! Happy Easter, stay safe and happy reading!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

7 thoughts on “Random thoughts ft. me reading the Harry Potter series for the third time, cooking and living my best life!”

  1. Great post! I love Re-reading Harry Potter! I have read it four times and my goal is to read it atleast 7 times!
    Btw I too blog @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!
    Stay safe

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