July Wrap-Up and August TBR

This year has been moving so incredibly fast that I can’t believe we’re already heading into August. This means: a month of sun, happiness and fun – and I’m so ready for that! Here is my wrap-up of last month’s books and a little sneak peek into my TBR list for August!

July Wrap-Up:

As part of my Harry Potter Rereading Marathon, I reread Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as my third book for this Redathon and once again, it was a total blast! I feel like I can enjoy the books way more the second time around after so many years because I can now take in all the incredible details and can appreciate the every day life in a way I wasn’t able to before. I think I never really appreciated and valued JK Rowling’s love for detail and the Hogwarts life with lessons, lunch and free time when I was smaller and for me, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy this as much as ever!

My first ever Agatha Christie novel was a major success: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas was fantastic in every possible way. Beforehand, I didn’t think I would be able to love and enjoy a great crime story as much as I did, but it turns out: I love crime!

This book made me want to explore all of Hercule Poirot’s cases because of his humorous character, the complexity of the crime and the incredible but simple writing style!

To continue with my little Hercule Point Marathon, I chose The ABC Murders based on various recommendations I received from other bloggers after asking about their favorites – and it was the right thing to go with this one!

The intriguing story of a homicidal maniac remained unsolved until the very end, where Hercule Poirot quite surprisingly cracked this complicated case. The plot was absolutely marvelous, I had no way of anticipating the end and it was just a brilliant story through and through!

The last book I completed was The Emperor’s Tomb by Joseph Roth, a novel displaying the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its society after World War I. It was a tough read, to be honest, because even for a Historical Fiction, the storyline itself didn’t have much purpose. The purpose itself lay solely in the description of a nation’s changing mentality and therefore the explicit understanding of these times. However, it was eye opening, that much has to be said, and I am happy I read it!

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August TBR

I’m going to spend one week of August in the South of France and because of the vibe (I know its set in Hawaii, but still summer and sun!) and me lying at the beach all day, I chose The Unhoneymooners to take with me! Usually, when I’m on vacation and specifically at the beach, I don’t want to read too heavy stuff, so nothing too important or complex and therefore I usually choose contemporary – that’s not an offense to this genre, I really enjoy it from time to time, it’s just that this book isn’t the most serious one in the world!

Right now, my only goal is to complete The Murder of Roger Ackroyd which proved itself to be quite difficult for me. However, it’s getting better and better over the course of the pages as Hercule Poirot is finally involved and not just mentioned as the weird neighbor called Mr. Porrot who might have been a hairdresser in his earlier days because of his mustache – that was funny, but I want crime. Thankfully, we are getting to that part now!

That’s it for my post – I hope you enjoyed my small wrap-up and even smaller TBR! Enjoy the month of August and happy reading!

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