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I was tagged by the amazing blogger Ruqs (who is one of my favorite bloggers in the world! So please check her out!!!) to do this fun tag! I hope I’m able to find some of my good reading habits – so here we go!


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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some of your blogging friends

#1 The problem with DNF

This may be a controversial way to start the habits, but I consider this to be a good thing about me. If I don’t like a book, I don’t torture myself with finishing it, but simply build up the courage to say “I’m done” at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I try to give every book at least a 100 page chance to surprise me, but if don’t find any pleasure in that book – it’s not worth it.

We only have a certain time to spend on this earth, and I don’t want to waste it reading books I dislike. Life’s too short for that and I want to make the most of my limited free time and actually enjoy myself rather than torment myself with boring books.

#2 Food and Drinks

The probably best habit of mine would be that I don’t torture my books with spilling drinks all over them. I do sometimes eat or drink while reading, but I’m always careful not to harm the book at hand.

There have been, of course, some accidents. But accidents happen to everyone and one shouldn’t fuss over everything.

# Buying books

I have to admit, I do buy some books and I’m not the perfect reader who only borrows or reads ebooks. However, I try to always buy the cheapest addition and I never buy books I haven’t truly considered, read the summary or looked up online. I’m always careful to choose the books I buy and I never waste unnecessary money.

So to say, instead of spending a lot of money on food, Starbucks or shoes, I spend it on books because they last longer. And if I don’t have any more space for my very old books like primary school reads, I don’t throw them away, but give them to charity, friends or sell them at the local fleemarket!

That’s it: I hope my good reading habits aren’t all too controversial and that you enjoyed this small post!

I tag: Sahi, Ash, Evelyn, Tea and Turned Pages, Gabby, Lori – of course, don’t feel obligated to do the tag!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

17 thoughts on “Good Reading Habits Tag”

  1. I agree that DNF’ing can be a good thing! I typically give a book three chapters, with the logic of ‘well, that’s what most agents ask for a much earlier draft than this, sooo if its good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.’ Also this looks like such a fun meme! May give it a go.

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  2. Thank you so much for doing the tag! 💖

    Your book buying habit is such a great one! I generally don’t buy a ton of books and usually get my physical books as gifts, but when I do buy them, I also try to be conscientious of which edition I’m buying (it would be better if I could also stop buying Starbucks though lol)


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